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The "Tourian lava passage" is a room in the original Tourian. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


The second room in Tourian (in Metroid), this is a long passage constructed out of metal bricks and rebar, with segments of the floor missing and filled with pools of lava. At multiple points in the room are Rinka spawners, which release infinite numbers of the ring-like creatures, only pausing if Rinkas are frozen with the Ice Beam. In the middle of the room are six platforms floating above two larger pools of lava. It is not possible to jump up to the top of these if Samus falls into the lava below, so she will have to jump out onto the floor. She must navigate the platforms while dealing with the Metroids in the room, as well as the Rinkas. A ledge with a door to the next room is at the other end of the passage.

In Zero Mission, the room is slightly shorter. The floor is now entirely engulfed in lava, with three platforms of varying size above it. Since the lava is now shallow, it is easier for Samus to jump out should she fall. The platforms are now closer together, and angled sideways. The entrance door is found on a two-step platform, with a Zebesian husk on each step. Another Zebesian is found on one of the platforms, and another is found on the ledge with the exit door. Unlike the original Metroid, the doors in this room lock until the Metroids are killed.

By the time Samus returns to Zebes in Super Metroid, only the Zebesian Command Center and escape shaft remain of the original Tourian. A similar room to this one appears in the new Tourian, again as the second room, but goes to the left.

Connecting rooms[]


In the Zero Mission version of this room, there are four Metroids on Normal Mode. On Hard Mode, there are seven.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

STOP THE SHOTS ! (page 74)
"Small cannons fire ring-shaped energy blasts. You can destroy the shots easily with your beam or Screw Attack, but it's more practical to freeze them in midair. As long as a shot is in the air, the cannon that fired the blast will remain quiet."