Tower Elevator is a room on Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It can only be accessed after activating all three generators, after which a large door opens in Cargo Hub and gives access to the elevator. When Samus Aran enters, a door opens and she runs onto the elevator, with Gandrayda complaining to her about how she was almost left behind. The Bounty Hunters make some conversation as the elevator descends up. This room is the last chance for Samus to obtain the Logbook entries for each individual hunter before they are all corrupted and later killed. It is the only place where Rundas and Gandrayda can be scanned prior to corruption.


You're late! We were about to leave you behind. - Gandrayda

The meteor is approaching faster than you think! - Ghor

If we don't make it to the top in time, we can kiss this planet good-bye. - Gandrayda

Hey, relax! We're the good guys. Justice will prevail and all that stuff... right, Samus? - Rundas

We're here. Let's do this. - Ghor

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