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Sunchamber flaahgra pod form toxic weeds dolphin hd.jpg

"Toxic plants" are hazardous fern-like plants spawned by Flaahgra from its mouth in Metroid Prime. When Samus first enters the Sunchamber, Flaahgra will send a trail of these dark green plants towards her, forcing her to roll out of the way. The plants grow rapidly and consist of ferns and reeds, emitting a green musk.

During the battle, Flaahgra will occasionally slam its body onto the ground, sending another trail of the plants at Samus. Contact with the plants causes significant damage due to their extreme toxicity.

As Flaahgra retreats into its flower, a number of these ferns spawn from within the flower and water moat surrounding Flaahgra, before they die off. This purges the toxicity present in the water as a result of Phazon.

It is possible that these plants represent the toxic variety of Tallon ferns.