Transdimensional energy

Transdimensional energy refers to energy from Light Aether that is produced in Dark Aether. A specific use of this energy is as an attack used by the Warrior Ing, and the Jump Guardian by extension.

A small Light Portal is opened by the Ing, and a piercing laser of light energy is fired at Samus, causing damage to her Power Suit. Usually, the Ing fires three bursts of light energy as its main attack before attempting a fusion attack. Samus is able to counter Warrior Ing using the Light Beam once she possesses it, which can be compared to a more potent version of their transdimensional energy attack.

ULF 19

Mutated Emperor Ing

The Mutated Emperor Ing possesses a more powerful version of this attack as well. It is able to generate more than three blasts of transdimensional energy, which cause severe damage to Samus if they hit her.