Transit Tunnel P70 is a room in Pirate Command in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is a small chamber, sealed by two Skyway doors. The floor consists of a single "plank" and two gaps on either side. This chasm leads down into a pool of Phazon, which Samus is recommended to use due to the fact that she will soon be facing the Pirate Commander. When she is ready, she can use a Hand Scanner to open the door.

Interestingly, the Space Pirate Data entry here describes Gandrayda, who had been killed by Samus before her arrival here, promising to bring Dark Samus the real Samus's "bloody helmet". By the time Samus reads this entry, Gandrayda was unable to fulfil this vow.

Hand Scanner

Connecting rooms[]


Skyway door
"Skyway door sealed shut. A nearby control terminal can be used to manually open the door."
Mistress Gandrayda
"Mistress Gandrayda is the last of our leader's field commanders. We hope that she will succeed where the others have not. We hope that she will slay the wretched Hunter!
Gandrayda tests our mettle often. She moves among us in our form, watching us, looking for signs of weakness. Several unfaithful disciples have been ended...violently. Those who survive will be stronger, ready for the Hunter that comes for them from the void. Gandrayda has vowed to present Aran's bloody helmet to Dark Samus as tribute. We hope she fulfills that vow!"
Concentrated Phazon
"Your PED Suit will allow you to absorb this Phazon into your body and utilize it as energy."