Transit Station 1-A

The Pirate Homeworld features a Transit system for quick access to various sectors of the planet's fortress. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus Aran uses these tram cars for her convenience during her exploration of the planet. This avoids the need to backtrack to her Gunship. In fact, in the case of Transit Station 1-A, the Transit Station brings her closer to her Gunship so she does not need to backtrack through the entire Research Facility. To summon the tram cars, Samus must scan a panel on the wall with a symbol resembling the Grapple Beam icon, which then powers up a Hand Scanner. Upon using that, a large door's locks spin and the door opens, with the tram car appearing in seconds. Pulling and pushing a lever in the car enables it to drive.

While the Stations are otherwise identical, some have unique features. 1-B contains a Space Pirate Data entry, 3-A links to a Save Station and the Metroid Creche and 4-B also links to a Save Station and the Phazon Quarry.

Notably, Nightbarbs will sometimes fly out of the path of the tram car as it is arriving at a Station.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

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