Translator Module update Emerald

Samus receives the Emerald update to her Translator Module from A-Voq in the Torvus Energy Controller.

Translator Module

Samus receives the upgrade that will allow her to translate cobalt holograms.

Samus Aran's Power Suit possesses a Translator Module that allows her to read scanned Lore left by species such as the Chozo, Luminoth, Bryyonians and Space Pirates. It does not initially have the capability to translate the Luminoth language.

It is only actively used in the Metroid Prime trilogy, where it allows the player to scan and translate glyphs, computer monitors and other such data storage devices. However, it is only referred to by name in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, where various gates are coded with differently-colored holograms depicting the Luminoth language. Until she upgrades her module at the various temples on the planet, she will be unable to scan the gates and lower them. The holograms are colored violet in the Temple Grounds and Great Temple, amber in the Agon Wastes, emerald in the Torvus Bog and cobalt in the Sanctuary Fortress.

Worthy of note is that it cannot ever translate the Alimbics' language. Each Translator Module upgrade in Echoes counts toward the item percentage (each giving 1%).