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Samus operates her transmission console.

The transmission console is an interface within Samus Aran's Gunship in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption that allows her to communicate with others. It is required to use in the beginning of the game to board the G.F.S. Olympus when Escort Seven requests Samus' security code. A number of notable broadcasts can be found that are actually from Japanese Nintendo developers. Several other frequencies can be listened to, although the voices are distorted and appear to be in an alien language. The transmission console is similar to radio due to these functions.

In Metroid Prime Trilogy Data Storage B, a room on Norion has all the codes contained on a terminal in it.


"Transmission console is used to send data and connect to active radio frequencies."

Broadcasts (Numbers are left to right)[]

In the game these messages are in Japanese, but they have been unofficially translated by the Metroid Database.[1]

  • (2 7 5 1)

(Only when not prompted to enter security code. When prompted, it verifies a security code with the G.F.S. Olympus)

Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo.

A president has to take things really seriously, even if it doesn't seem like it. It's understandable if you lose weight from stress...but I get fatter instead. Nobody thinks I'm taking it seriously.


Satoru Iwata, then President and CEO of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  • (1 3 8 5)
Hello everybody, this is Tanabe from the Prime Series! So, although this time we’ve made the final episode of the Metroid Prime series, have you been enjoying it? So...I have been working together with the Metroid team for five years and, well, I think we are able to make pretty good things together. So...although work on the Metroid Prime series has finished for the moment, well...I think we’ll be making more after the Prime Series. Please, enjoy.


Kensuke Tanabe, Producer for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • (8 3 5 4)
Ah, can you hear me? This is Miyamoto.

All of you playing Metroid, can you hear me? It's fun, isn't it? I've also worked on many [Metroid] games, but this one is the best yet, don't you think? Make sure to play it all the way to the end. See you!

あ、聞こえます? 宮本です。メトロイド、遊んでる人達、聞こえますか? 楽しいでしょう。もうね、えーっと僕も、メトロイド、関わり始めて、何年もなりますけども、今度のは今までの中で最高でしょ? ぜーったい、最後まで、遊んでみてね。じゃーね。

Shigeru Miyamoto, General Manager at NCL and Producer for Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • (3 6 4 8)

-Begins with guitar and whistling performance of Metroid Prime Credits.

Well, hello all players of the Metroid Prime series! So, this is Kenji Yamamoto, the composer. Well, the Metroid series development began more than 20 years ago, and...well, if you listen well to Metroid Prime 1, Prime 2, and now Metroid Prime 3, and if you listen well, you might say, "Hey! This song is from back then!" And so, you might discover the nostalgic Metroid music that I included. So, listening to classic Metroid music might be one of the ways to enjoy playing the game. Anyway, please enjoy Metroid Prime 3!


Kenji Yamamoto, Music Composer for many Metroid games

  • (4 6 1 7)
Hello everyone, this is Sakamoto from Nintendo. Have you been enjoying Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, the final episode of the Metroid Prime trilogy? You have been enjoying it, I hope? Samus’ missions will still continue outside of this series. Please keep waiting for them. So, please look forward to the next Metroid. METOROIDO...OMOROIDO. [Metroid is fun!]

皆さんこんにちは。任天堂の坂本です。メトロイドプライムシリーズ3部作の完結編、メトロイドプライム3コラプションいかがでしょうか。楽しんで頂いてますか? このシリーズ以外にも、サムスのミッションはまだまだ続きます。期待して待ってて下さい。では、これからもメトロイドをよろしくお願いします。メトロイド、オモロイド。

Yoshio Sakamoto, Co-creator of Metroid