Transport Center is a room in the Agon Wastes in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Initially, the entrance to this room via Save Station A is blocked by a gate, with a Missile Expansion in it. When it is entered from Portal Terminal, however a Bomb Slot exists beside the gate and can be used to lift it and collect the expansion.

There is also a Half-pipe in the middle, short on the left side and longer on the other. The left side leads to a Multi-Lock Blast Shield, while the other leads to a Portal to Crossroads.

The Dark Aetherian version of this room is Crossroads.

Connecting roomsEdit


Missile Expansion
Access the room from Portal Terminal by activating the Bomb Slot in Portal Site. Use the bomb slot near the entrance of this room to gain access to the expansion.


Bomb Slot
"Device: Bomb Slot
Powered system control unit.
Insert the Morph Ball into the slot, then detonate a Bomb.
This will transfer energy from the slot to the device connected to it."
"Object scan complete.
Security gate is locked in place.
Gate is controlled by Bomb Slot device. Energize the Bomb Slot to open the gate."
Dark Portal (inactive)
"This rift portal is inactive.
The portal field can be energized with dark energy. Walk into an energized portal to transport to Dark Aether."
Dark Portal (active)
"This portal is active.
Walk into the portal to transport to Dark Aether. Extreme caution recommended once transit is complete."
Missile Expansion
"Missile Expansion
Increases the number of Missiles you can carry by 5."
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