Transport to Agon Wastes, also known as Sand Elevator[1], is a room in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. There is an elevator near the edge of a cliff with some webbing to the left side, which hides a Missile Expansion. Using the Scan Visor on a console close to the elevator will activate it.

Connecting roomsEdit


Missile Expansion
Hidden behind the webbing, which Samus can destroy by shooting the green bulb.


Transport to Agon Wastes (Temple Grounds) 2
Interface Module
"Elevator system online.
Access to Agon Wastes granted. Step into the hologram to activate elevator."
Elevator hologram
"Elevator platform active."
Unknown biomass
"Object scan complete.
Object is composed of nutrient-grade biomatter, protected by thick exobarrier and tensile webbing. Possible source of nourishment for local bioforms."
Durable plantform
"Bioscan complete.
Durable plantform adapted to low-light environment.
The presence of a plant container suggests that it was placed here for decoration, possibly by local sentients."
Luminoth Webbing
"Object scan complete.
Object contains large quantity of acidic fluid.
Fluids may be used by indigenous bioforms for digestive purposes. Shell is vulnerable to weapon fire."
Nutrient-grade biomatter

The room's Missile Expansion

Missile Expansion
"Missile Expansion
Increases the number of Missiles you can carry by 5."
Luminoth Lore (Our Heritage)
"Our search for a home took us through the cosmos. For many a great cycle we roamed, yet a place to call our own eluded us. In time, we began to despair, feeling the search was in vain. We considered remaining among the stars until a scout returned with news of a world unlike any other. When we beheld Aether for the first time, so great was her beauty that we forsook the stars forever to live upon her surface. From that day forth, the Luminoth were of Aether, our blessed paradise."
Luminoth Lore Projector
"Object scan complete.
Luminoth Lore Projector is offline.
Power cannot be restored to unit."


  • This is the only room with an Elevator and a powerup together.
  • In the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, the webbing blocking the expansion is missing, as is the expansion itself. When approaching the ledge, a message, "Warning: Terminal Fall Ahead!" appears.


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