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"Transport to Brinstar", later known as the "Crateria Map Station", is a room in Crateria. It first appeared in Super Metroid, although chronologically it is first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Metroid: Zero Mission[]

During Samus's first mission to Zebes, this room is an elevator shaft accessible from the "weed-filled hall". Unlike most elevator rooms, there is no elevator platform here. Instead, Samus can simply drop down the shaft, which leads back to Corridor No. 1 in Brinstar, the first room in the game. Samus presumably entered Corridor No. 1 from this room at the start of the game, but this route (in the rocky cave) becomes blocked by a boulder by the time she revisits the room during the Tourian escape sequence. To go back up the elevator shaft, Samus can use a Power Bomb in the center platform of the corridor to reveal a Morph Ball launcher, which will shoot her into the ceiling and this room. Its primary purpose is in giving Samus a shortcut to the rest of Zebes after leaving the Space Pirate Mother Ship, allowing her to collect missed expansions.

Super Metroid[]

Prior to Samus's second mission on Zebes, the former elevator shaft was converted into a Map Station, with it being the first one Samus encounters on Zebes. The Map Station fills in much of Samus's Crateria map, but it does not reveal more secret rooms, such as "The Gauntlet" or the "Old Tourian launchpad". These must still be discovered via exploration. A new, functioning elevator elsewhere in Crateria (in the ruins of the old Tourian) now takes Samus to Corridor No. 1.

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