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"Transport to Main Sector" refers to three mostly identical elevator rooms in Sector 1 / Biosphere, Sector 2 / Cryosphere and Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. They appear in Metroid: Other M and all contain elevators connecting to the Main Elevator in the Main Sector.


In the case of Sector 1 and 2, this is the first room that Samus will access in the respective area after taking the Main Elevator down from the Main Sector. The elevator is encased in a box, unlike many other elevators in the Metroid series, which are usually floating circular discs or platforms with a hologram to step into. When Samus enters the elevator, she automatically rides it back up to the Main Sector.

Every time she uses one of these elevators for the first time, the Level 3 or Level 4 warnings given by the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer during the ride will continue to play in the room while Samus is in it. On subsequent visits, the warnings are not heard.

The elevator in each room is connected by a downward ramp to a convex path, with a railing around the exterior in the foreground. The only major difference in each room is the color of the wall-mounted computer terminals, elevator and ambient lights - green, blue or red depending on the Sector. The Biosphere elevator leads into a Navigation Booth from the right, with nothing on the left, while the other two elevators have exits on both sides of the room.

Samus unlocks the exit in the Pyrosphere Transport elevator room from the Floor Observation Room.

Samus enters Sector 3 via the long elevator shaft, and only reaches the Main Sector elevator room from the left, through a corridor connected to the Crater Interior. Because the other elevator shaft cannot be visited again, this elevator becomes Samus's sole method of entering and exiting the Pyrosphere afterward. The Pyrosphere main elevator connects from the right to a corridor leading into a room where Samus later battles a Rhedogian with Anthony Higgs. The door to this room is locked on Samus's second visit, and can only be opened by using a Terminal in the Floor Observation Room.

When Samus returns to this elevator after her encounter with Ridley's clone, she has a monologue where she worries about Adam after losing contact with him.

Samus monologue[]

Something was gnawing at me. Communication with Adam had ceased. From the Deleter's point of view, Adam would represent the largest threat.

Without question, his life had to be in danger. But it was Adam Malkovich—he wouldn't go down easily. And Adam would already know about the Deleter, so there's no way he would let his guard down. If that was the case, then... Why couldn't I reach him? What did he think of the unfolding situation... and what was he planning to do next?

My racing thoughts started to frustrate me...

—Samus Aran

Connecting rooms[]