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The room Samus discovered... It looked like the entrance to Hell.

Victory Techniques for Metroid

"Transport to Ridley" is a room in Norfair. It appears, with some differences, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this is a small room containing an elevator and a large statue resembling a monstrous creature with two heads to the right. In Metroid, this room appears to be mostly of artificial construction, while in Zero Mission it is set in a cave. The elevator leads to Ridley's Lair. In Zero Mission, the room can only be accessed once Samus has defeated the ensnared Kiru Giru in the previous room. Foreboding music plays in it in Zero Mission, and the Silence theme in the original Metroid.

The statue in Metroid has two heads, both featuring open maws with two front teeth and a red color scheme. Unlike a similar statue in the Kraid transport room, the monster does not have an arm built in for support. Its body protrudes from the wall. In Zero Mission, the statue only appears as a two headed reptilian creature embedded into the cave wall, with a closed mouth, red eyes and nostrils.

As Samus is descending the elevator for the first time (in Zero Mission), a cutscene plays in which the Space Pirate Mother Ship lands on Zebes. Shortly after this, Ridley takes flight, making haste to his lair where he will later confront Samus. Assuming Samus is following the in-game path and not Sequence Breaking, she will have to return to Norfair in this room

After Ridley is defeated and Samus re-ascends the elevator into this room, the statue collapses and crumbles, revealing a hidden back chamber. This part features rocky terrain and a fissure in the floor, out of which Gamets infinitely spawn. A Red Hatch located here leads into a chamber with a wrecked Chozo Statue.

In Super Metroid, this room is no longer accessible. A different room serves a similar purpose, taking Samus to a lower area of Norfair where Ridley has taken up residence.

Connecting rooms[]


In Zero Mission, the chamber behind the statue (once crumbled) features a fissure in the floor that infinitely spawns Gamets, three at a time.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 29[]

"The next stop is in Ridley's Hideout below Norfair."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Run through the passage, take the elevator down to Ridley's Lair and explore."
"When you get to the top of the elevator shaft, the wall to the right will collapse, giving you access to an area where you'll find a broken Chozo Statue."