The Trial Grounds are a room in the Dark Agon Wastes. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


The Trial Grounds are an open, circular central area and a few ledges lead to an exit on the upper level. It is inhabited by a handful of Bladepods and a flock of Nightbarbs that pour out of an opening in the wall, battering Samus. The room's main purpose is to allow Samus eventual access to the Darkburst. Ingworms block off where an exit would normally be. A deceased Luminoth can be found lying against the wall in the central area. Notably, this is the only Dark Agon room to contain a Hunter Ing.

The Light Aether version of this room is Mining Station B. It can be visited from a Light Portal.

Connecting rooms[]

The Portal leading to Aether.


Nightbarb swarm
"Morphology: Nightbarb
Flying airborne hunters native to Dark Aether.
Targets are small but travel in large numbers for safety. Avoid contact."
1 Hunter Ing (After obtaining Darkburst)
"Morphology: Hunter Ing
Elite warriors of the Ing Horde
Phasing shapeshifter. Deadly in close combat. Dislikes bright light."


Dead Luminoth
"Bioscan complete. Luminoth subject terminated 1.4 decacycles. According to Luminoth records, the Ing use this area to conduct rites of passage. Young Ing battle fierce opponents to prove their mettle in combat. It appears this Luminoth was one of their many opponents."
Light Beacon
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Beacon
Generates protective field when energized.
Light Beacons must be energized by Beam weapon fire to function, and remain charged for a limited time."
Light Crystal
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Crystal
Generates protective field of light energy.
Light Crystals provide protection from Dark Aether's atmosphere. They can be nullified by dark energy and supercharged by light energy."
"Morphology: Bladepod
Living storage units of the Ing Horde.
These Ing morph their bodies around useful items to protect them. They rely on larger Ing for protection."
"Bioscan complete.
This is a collection of mutated Ingworms.
Bioforms have been bred for massive size. It appears the Ing use these creatures to block access to areas."'


  • Strangely enough in the Trilogy version, one empty door is placed slightly off map. Secret worlds can be used to interact with the door, but likely no collision data exists.
    • If one looks closely at the map, this unused door is placed in the same position as its light world counterpart.