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"The True Chozo are here. Submit."

—True Chozo

The True Chozo are the central antagonists of Blood of the Chozo.


The plot of Blood of the Chozo revolves around the True Chozo invading the Messina star system. They command a massive asteroid ship, constructed within the hollowed-out shell of an asteroid, and a squadron of fighters sent to attack targets across the Messina system while ordering that the system submits. They possess superior technology.

At the start of the story, several solar years after the Raid on Planet Zebes, the True Chozo's asteroid ship and their fighters overtake Samus Aran's Starship, causing Samus to crash-land at Tranquility Base airfield. Since then, the True Chozo have hidden their asteroid ship, which is camouflaged within an asteroid field, and set up an immense subspace distortion field to cut off communications with planet Charybdis while they continue attacking random people and ships.

Beyond their initial demands for submission, the True Chozo make no further communication. Chozo leaders have not responded to inquiries about the True Chozo, although the Overdog suggests that they may be connected to Chozo mythology.

Fan-created content[]

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It is not considered an official Nintendo-licensed part of the Metroid franchise. All story elements are non-canon.

Very little concrete information is provided in the official starting post provided by Nintendo Power Source staffers, with their backstory ultimately being fleshed out by fan writers such as Joshman773. One such excerpt is included in Nintendo Power volume 84.

The Imidians sought to create the ultimate creature using the greatest traits of all other creatures, and ended up creating the genetically-enhanced Third Chozo. However, these too grew violent, and surpassed the Imidians in intelligence and other traits, easily overtaking them. The Third Chozo created the True Chozo from hybrids of Chozo, Human, and Metroid DNA, as their own personal army. From their home base on the planet Imidia, the Third Chozo waited for the True Chozo to take over the universe, believing their ability to duplicate made them unstoppable.

According to Joshman773, the True Chozo are a subdivision of the Chozo that were exiled from the universe after they attempted to gain control of a star system using military power. While the rest of the Chozo had forsaken their violent past, the True Chozo continue to practice war. Although they did not contact other sentient races prior to their invasion, they were known to wander the edge of the galaxy in their fleet of over a thousand ships, including the Bamboo.

A True Chozo attacks Old Bird and latches a huge tongue to his head (in a similar fashion to Alien), mortally wounding him. As he is dying, Old Bird explains that the Chozo have no tongues and these True Chozo are aberrations of his race.

A war ensues between Bounty Hunters and True Chozo alike before leaving. For many years after these events, Dark Panda would tell the story of the "Blood of the Chozo",