"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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"The True Chozo are here. Submit."

—True Chozo creed


The True Chozo appeared in Blood of the Chozo. A race based on the Chozo species in the canon Metroid series, they are a subdivision of the Chozo that were exiled from the universe after they attempted to gain control of a star system using military power. The True Chozo are the antagonists of the entire Nintendo Power fan fiction and pilot a massive ship made out of a hollowed asteroid. The plot revolves around them invading the Messina star system, wrecking havoc on the Nextima space station orbiting Charybdis, causing Samus Aran to crash her gunship (even though she would normally be an ally, making the True Chozo similar in a way to the Chozo Ghosts), and attacking random people and ships. A war ensues between Bounty Hunters and True Chozo alike before leaving. For many years after this events, Dark Panda told the story of the "Blood of the Chozo".

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