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One turbine in Ballista Storage, on the left.

A turbine is a rotary mechanical device often used as a generator or in conjunction with one. They are found in several rooms throughout the Metroid Prime series. While some are named and serve a gameplay purpose, others exist as part of the room geometry.


Two turbines are found in the lower part of Ballista Storage. They resemble fans and supply power to a lock, and are outfitted with Grapple Voltage Terminals. These cannot be dealt with on the first visit to the room. Upon returning with the Grapple Voltage, Samus can overload the terminals with energy to destroy the turbines, and remove the lock, granting access to Energy Cell ID: GB-4913A-8.

Two rooms have the word "turbine" in their name: Turbine Access and Turbine Chamber. Neither room has objects directly identified as turbines, although the "spear" on the bottom of the First Bomb Component in the latter presumably acts as a turbine while connected to electromagnetic cradle arms.

In Metroid: Other M, the Sector Generator Room has two large, cylindrical turbines, one of which rotates indefinitely. To navigate the room, Samus must Wall Jump from the wall onto one turbine to reach a Grab Ledge, and activate a sensor to summon platforms to reach the second turbine. The turbines have a transparent center with sections divided by green borders (the Grab Ledges), and are partially frozen over. A similar turbine, which are composed of metal, is used to traverse the Desert Refinery.


One type of turbine is found in Substation West and East on Norion, which serves as a power source for the local air-circulation and security systems, including the air-circulation pistons that Samus must avoid in these rooms.

Similar looking wind turbines exist in both the Central Mining Station of the Space Pirate mining facility, and Enlightened Walkway in Bryyo Thorn Jungle. Four of the turbines in the former room can be destroyed with a nearby "Vigilance" Class Turret, while the latter exists near the door to the Jousting Field and is scenery.


Central Mining Station
"Structural analysis complete.
Crude but efficient device designed to harness wind power. Components are of Space Pirate design."
Substation West and East
"Turbine serves as a power source for local security and air-circulation systems."
Ballista Storage
"Turbine is supplying power to the lock mechanism. Overloading the system may disable the lock."