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The opening shot of the commercial.

Two Separate Worlds: One Shadow, One Light (as named on is the official North American commercial for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A version with German voiceover was also produced. It was part of Nintendo's Who Are You? marketing campaign in 2004. On the Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Website, it is an unlockable feature and referred to as the Metroid Television Broadcast.

The live-action commercial centers around a blond woman (played by an unknown actress), dressed in black, who resembles Samus. She is seen walking through a well-lit alley, with electronic dance music playing. Near the end of the commercial, faint lyrics can be heard in the song. The song's name is unknown and may have been composed exclusively for the commercial, which means it will not be publicly available as with many other commercial themes and jingles.

As the woman moves, pieces of the Power Suit begin to materialize onto her body, with the camera shots moving to focus on her legs, backside and torso. At one point, as she passes through the light, her suit disappears off the front of her body, and then reappears when she steps back into the darkness.

As the suit fully materializes, the woman stops, and aims her Arm Cannon forward as the camera pans to her side and the words "who are you?" appear onscreen. A female narrator then speaks as gameplay footage is shown: "Two separate worlds: one shadow, one light. Where the difference between life and death is a few inches of metal. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, only for Nintendo GameCube. Rated T for Teen."

The commercial can be viewed in English here: [1] and in German here: [2]

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"A video broadcast emanating from the planet Aether has been received by Earth scientists and decoded for viewing. Launch the video transmission to review the decoded footage."

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