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U-Tristam Model Delta III (U-トリシユトム 型デルタ Ⅲ U-Torishiyutomu-Gata Deruta III?), known to Joey Apronika as U-ton (ユートン Yūton?) and to Samus Aran as Bioroid Delta III (バイオロイド デルタ Ⅲ Baioroido Deruta III?), is a bioroid that appears in Samus and Joey. It is first seen in Volume 2, chapter 10 and is initially introduced as a friend of Joey's. Joey defends it from being destroyed by unruly men, and as gratitude, U-ton, as Joey names it, provides him with good scrap for Diesel. They become friends.

However, it is quickly revealed that there are more sinister intentions to the bioroid, as Delta III was created by an unknown corporation for use in war, though it proved ineffective and went berserk when it was scheduled to be destroyed. It was responsible for the destruction of a demolition ship. An unnamed man employed Samus to hunt it down and destroy it, when it took refuge near Diesel's Junk Quixote. Samus makes the connection between U-ton and Bioroid Delta III, and rushes to save Joey.

U-ton reveals its true colors in front of Joey and Samus, the latter of whom explains that it is a defective "killer weapon." She engages it briefly, and it then attempts to enter its "final phase," which involves self-destruction by its nuclear power generator. Samus leaps into action to destroy it. Joey grows angered with her, believing she is doing it for the money, although Diesel explains that she is doing so to save lives. Despite this, Joey still attempts to save U-ton, and asks the robot for one more handshake (as they did in their meeting), which it grants him. Samus then destroys U-ton. Later, Joey reflects on how he was not able to destroy U-ton himself, and made a vow based on what Diesel told him about Samus: to always pull the trigger, even if it is painful.

In chapter 14, Joey encounters an inactive robot resembling U-ton on the Demon Planet. Samus deduces that the Dominion created him and that this is another model.

Delta Mirage[edit | edit source]

The Delta Mirage.

The Delta Mirage is an attack utilized by the Bioroid Delta III. The Delta Mirage causes three illusionary copies of the user to appear to attack their enemy, causing confusion. The Bioroid utilizes this attack to escape from Samus before she could destroy it in their initial struggle.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Official name of U-Tristan Model Delta III. Became Joey's friend when they met in space.

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