The secret to Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster.

—The message.

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Mission File 79019

The "Ultimate Power" was alluded to in a message originating from the Alimbic Cluster prior to Metroid Prime Hunters. The message was broadcasted to many in different languages, dialects, and even slang, but all translated down to the same above message.

Seven bounty hunters, Samus Aran, Sylux, Weavel, Spire, Noxus, Kanden, and Trace, traveled to the source of the message in the Alimbic Cluster. The true source lay within the Oubliette, an Alimbic prison hidden in another dimension. Samus and Weavel were employed by the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates, respectively to find the power, Spire and Noxus had more altruistic reasons for securing it (Spire to uncover the fate of his species, Noxus to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands), and the rest wanted it for their own use.

The hunters found that they could not easily access the message's source, as they would need eight Octoliths, heavily guarded keys to open the Infinity Void and thus allow access to the Oubliette. Samus arrived there after collecting all Octoliths and battling the other hunters many times, finding them firing at a curious object in hopes of getting the supposed power. To their horror, instead emerged a monstrous being named Gorea that assimilated their weapons. While the other hunters fled in shame, Samus stayed behind to kill the creature.

It is never explicitly stated what the Ultimate Power actually was. Theories have suggested that there was no power, and it was a lie broadcast by Gorea to lure someone into opening the Infinity Void, eventually allowing it to escape from its prison and wreak havoc on the galaxy, or by the Alimbic Elders to have someone destroy Gorea before it escaped. Other theories suggest that it is Gorea itself since it posed a very serious threat to the universe, or the Omega Cannon, a weapon hidden deep inside the Oubliette which Samus later used to finish it off. If the latter is the case, and the theory that Samus left it to be destroyed with the Oubliette is also correct, this would entail that the Ultimate Power no longer exists as of Metroid Prime Hunters.

Logbook entriesEdit

Starboard Helm

Logbook entry

THE SECRET TO ULTIMATE POWER LIES WITHIN THE ALIMBIC CLUSTER." Binary irregularities indicate the message was broadcast telepathically.

Port Helm

Logbook entry


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