UA Pack.

A Universal Ammunition Expansion in the Docking Bay.

Universal Ammunition, often called UA in-game, is found only in Metroid Prime Hunters. UA is used to power the six Affinity Weapons used by Samus Aran and the other Bounty Hunters.

Samus will initially start with 40 UA, and like Missiles and the Power Suit's energy, the amount of UA Samus can carry can be upgraded by finding and collecting UA Expansions. Replenishing spent ammunition can be done by collecting UA packs, which have the appearance of small, floating green crystals, and will restore either 10 or 25 rounds of Universal Ammo, depending on the size of the pack.

As the name suggests, Universal Ammunition can be used to supply ammo to nearly any sort of ballistic weapon. It is able to conform itself to the needs of so many weapons because it was constructed with munitions nanotechnology. This allows it to alter its caliber and chemical composition on the molecular level in order to meet the specifications of whatever weapon it is being fired from.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

In Multiplayer, the ammo capacity of each Affinity Weapon varies. The Imperialist starts with 3 rounds and caps at 29, the Magmaul and Shock Coil start at 6 and cap at 59, the Judicator and Volt Driver start at 12 and cap at 119, and the Battlehammer starts with 15 and caps at 149. Small and large UA Packs restore 1/12 and 1/6 of the maximum UA when collected, and picking up a weapon with less than the starting amount of ammo will restore up to that point.

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