Uknown Plasma

Samus receives an Unknown Item from a Statue.

Three Unknown Items are found in Metroid: Zero Mission. All unknown items were found in Chozo Statues different from the other ones Samus finds in the game, as their structures seem to have greatly aged with time. The statues also have large shoulders like the ones granted by the fully powered Varia Suit. Unlike the other upgrades in the game, unknown items have a dull grey colour and do not glow; like the statues, they appear to be very old. Initially, they are unusable by Samus Aran as upgrades, but allow her to destroy Chozo Blocks bearing images of the associated Unknown Item. Until the player defeats the Chozo Hieroglyphic late in the game, the Unknown Items appear as garbled, mixed up text of an unknown language on the inventory screen. After defeating the Chozo Hieroglyphic, the Unknown Items' true identities are revealed to be the Gravity Suit, Plasma Beam, and Space Jump. A Japanese interview stated that they work because the Power Suit that Samus gains here is a "legendary one"[1], and therefore compatible with older technologies.

Zero Mission Samus Screen dataEdit

"Analysis inconclusive. Item incompatible with current suit."




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