Hola. I be Dazuro, space pirate addict extraordinaire. I also obsess over stupidly minor plot points, foreshadowings, and references throughout the series, so if nothing else I can help piece together the stuff in a more cohesive fashion than the more casual players and wikigoers (read as: those with a life). I'm also one of the lead members of Metroid Prime 2D. Dunno what else to say, really...

Oh, plus I'm an editor for the local paper, so I tend to get a bit anal about spelling and grammar. So, uh, yeah. Don't mind me if I viciously rework articles for the sake of not raping our poor, oft-abused language. :<

Also, thanks to my friend's l33t texture-ripping skills, I have access to nearly every image from the Prime game galleries, so we'll be going through and adding images to a bunch of the pages lacking them. Update! I've gotten into ROM hacking, so I'm helping to fill in information on unused enemies within the older games. Stoke and Bang are adorable, by the way. :D

My current goal for this wiki is to kill the rampant speculation that plagues its otherwise factual articles.

.... Okay, random rant time. What the HELL is up with people adding apostrophes to plurals? That's about the fiftieth "missile's" I've corrected here. Perhaps I'm wrong, but to my knowledge there is not a single case, in English, German, Spanish, or Japanese (the languages I know anything about), in which you would EVER use an apostrophe to pluralize a noun, yet that's an insanely common error, both here, at the paper, and in my friends' essays. Why the fuck do people always do that? None of the culprits have had any explanation for it. Anyone have any light they could shed on this bizarre quirk?

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