I am Doom Zero. I'm male, and I'm old enough to know what I'm talking about, but young enough to not always know what others are talking about. I've been going to this site for a while, at least a 3 years. I basically question... Well, everything. Pretty much anything that doesn't make sense at first glance.

I am currently in the process of playing through Metroid Prime Trilogy for the second time. I am on Prime 3 now, but I haven't started it yet. (Not really true anymore) Also, I have a few Friend Vouchers that I don't need much, so if anyone wants to give me a few friend credits in echange for mine, they can leave their name and friend code in my talk page. (Offer's still available but wow it would be a chore.)

NOTE: I've really lost interest in this wiki... I may come back if I pick up interest, maybe when MOM comes out, but currently I don't think I'll be here often between now and then. I still like Metroid, and play it often, but I have lots of homework to do, along with other things that are taking up my time. I may come back once in a while, though.

Don't you just hate when you come to a profile that's so outdated and has a lot of maybes? Like the "Note" above. It says I might come back once MOM comes out, but that's been out for months at this point. "I guess Doom's not really coming back then, eh?" Personally, it's really sad to see profiles like that. I just hate wondering what happened to those people. So... no, I'm not exactly coming back just yet. I don't know if that will happen, even. But I will admit there's a spark of interest. I might come back. Maybe once the holidays come around. Ugh, there's that word again, maybe.

NOTE: Still not actually back, but I was embarrassed enough by what I said three years ago that I edited this to reflect how much not a child I am now. Edits in bold and strikethrough. Didn't feel like editing anything in or after the first note.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Metroid Game: ... Well, every game I've played has been good. But favorite... I guess Prime 2, or Fusion.

Suit: Fusion Gravity Suit. Close 2nd is Light Suit. Phazon suit is definately in there somewhere, too.

Beam: Prime 1's Wave Beam

Missile: Seeker Missile

Morph Ball Upgrade: Spider Ball

Hunter: Well, I used to use Trace a lot, but now I want to get out of the Coward zone and play with someone else. Sylux, then, is my favorite hunter. Because the character's history is seemingly starting to get interesting, and because they aren't all that bad in Multiplayer. Also, The term "hunter" includes the Prime 3 hunters, as well, so those three still aren't my favorite.

Games[edit | edit source]

This is a metroid wiki, I'm a metroid fan. Don't blame me for being biased. So because I'm biased... No game is going to get lower than 5/10. It's just a fact, metroid games, though I won't always like them so much, they can't really be bad, nintendo really can't let that happen. Besiiiiiides, ratings are always biased. Nobody will really ever be mean enough to give anything lower than a 5. Face it, even 5's are bad nowadays. The rating for an "average" game has slowly migrated to 7.5 because people are afraid of being harsh... :P


Played: No

Metroid 2

Played: No (But I want to... Still gotta get around to it.)

Super Metroid

Played: Yes


Rating: 8/10

Own: No

Special Facts/Thoughts: None

Metroid Fusion

Played: Yes (Several times)

Completed: Yes

Rating: 9.5/10

Own: No (But I'd like to)

Special Facts/Thoughts: I believe it was the first Metroid game I have played, and therefor I feel slightly biased in saying it's the best.

Metroid Zero Mission

Played: Yes

Completed: Yes

Rating: 8/10

Own: No

Special Facts/Thoughts: My cousins owned both this and Fusion, and when I visited them I played the games. I don't remember which game I played first, since it was a few years ago. NEW FACT: I have played the game... Eh. It's not that fun. It's a good game, but not better than some of the other games.

Metroid Prime

Played: Yes

Completed: Yes

Rating: 9/10

Own: Yes, as part of MPT

Special Facts/Thoughts: None

Metroid Prime 2

Played: Yes

Completed: Yes

Rating: 9.3/10

Own: As part of MPT

Special Facts/Thoughts: I'm really into the theme of Light/Dark in games, so I enjoyed this game a lot. I was slightly dissapointed with the portals though. I just don't see where somebody got the idea that blobs were better portals than what the de-activated portals looked like.

Metroid Prime Hunters

Played: Yes

Completed: Yes

Rating: 6/10

Own: Yes

Special Facts/Thoughts: Regrettably, this was the first metroid game I owned. I say regrettably because I disliked the game. The single player wasn't all that good, and in multiplayer... Well, nobody wanted to play me because I always got the best sniper spot, and pretty much never lost. I guess I might play it again soon, but after a few games it'll probably get boring.

Metroid Prime 3

Played: 4 times at least.

Completed: Yes

Rating: 9/10

Own: Both seperate, and part of MPT

Special Facts/Thoughts: This was the first console Metroid game I owned. The seperate game, I mean.

Metroid: Other M

Played: Once

Completed: Yes (Not the postgame, though.)

Rating: 7.5/10

Own: Yes

Special Facts/Thoughts: Ugggghh. I'm sorry guys, really sorry... This game. Oh, this game. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay was alright, nothing wrong with it. But the story was just terrible. You have to work out who the Eraser was yourself. Bad design. You don't leave the player wondering, just hoping that maybe he(or she)'ll forget. And the final boss... Can you CALL it that? I mean, oh wow, I honestly did not see the end coming. My reaction: "WAS... WAS THAT IT?"

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