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I'm LucasFan, a guy with obsession with video games, most notably the Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Pokemon serieses(correct me if the plural for series is incorrect).

I mainly correct grammatical issues, so feel free to notify me if you find one.

A Few Things of Note[edit | edit source]

  • My favourite boss is Mogenar.
  • I am a Homestuck fan. Dealing with it is a good idea.
  • My alt form can be summed up as the infinite speed glitch, but physically capable of causing damage to things.
  • I'm an intermediate fan fiction writer and mostly host my stuff on Google Documents.
  • I have a subpage for fan fiction I wrote.
  • I may or may not be a weirdness magnet.

Metroid games I've played[edit | edit source]

To start off, I found the series when I first tried out Metroid Fusion (the japanese version, mind you) on an emulator (if I remember, VisualBoyAdvance) and got hooked, eventually resulting in my acquisition of the Prime Trilogy for Wii.

Metroid Fusion (JPN) (Played on Emulator)

Status: Unfinished (Multiple computer crashes and system wipes erased all files of it, preventing me from finishing the game.)

Item Percentage: Around 24%.

My Thoughts: A very good first impression. I remember the SA-X basically being nightmare fuel made flesh and the nightmare face was quite frightening because it was unexpected (I expected simply there to be no face at all.) and it's a subtle reminder of a certain blocky internet legend.

Metroid Prime (Trilogy Version)

Status: Completed on Normal. (Almost twice, but then I deleted the save for it.)

Item Percentage: Highest was 90%, which was still enough for me to get the best possible ending (aside from the scene that showed Dark Samus being born.).

My Thoughts: An excellent game, but with very familiar enviroments (of course the Phazon Mines and the Tallon IV Seed are exceptions)...and also had great visuals and music. The only thing I find that's bad about it is that it takes ability loss up to eleven.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Trilogy Version)

Status: In Progress (on my Wii U)

Item Percentage: Unknown.

My Thoughts: My favourite of the four (Lies! My favorite is Corruption) and a very great game. I found it had extremely high difficulty spikes in the form of the Alpha Blogg and Emperor Ing (that's right - the final boss is that one boss). Great music, interesting enviroments, beautiful visuals, basically, what else could you ask for? (Oh right, a sequence break that lets you turn the Boost Guardian into an anticlimax boss!)

Metroid Prime Hunters

Status: Completed (Multiple times)

Item Percentage: Unknown, due to the percentage calculator deciding "nope, I'm done", leading to me getting -127%. Hooray?

My Thoughts: A great game for online play(Action Replay DSi+Hunters+Local Play=Carnage), but a bit dissappointing on the singleplayer mode. While it introduced a lot of new characters and worlds, collecting the ocoliths was much of a chore and there was a crazy amount of backtracking.

Hunter Info:

  • Name: Granite
  • Favorite Hunter: Spire

If Wiimmfi restores Metroid Prime Hunters' Wi-fi, expect me to hop back on there faster than you can say "It's back!"

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Trilogy Version)

Status: In Progress (stuck at Gandrayda )

Item Percentage: 42/100 pickups obtained, last time I checked, percentage was 39%.

My Thoughts: Arguably the hardest of them, even on Normal (That's right. Normal is so insanely hard I ragequit and never looked back after trying to fight Gandrayda) and my second favourite of the four. I don't have much else to say as I haven't reached the last stage of the game (currently at Pirate Homeworld). Also my true favorite, Echoes was a lie. and we shall never talk about this again, why am I censoring my own text in the first place?

Favourites[edit | edit source]

Boss: Three-way tie between Mogenar, Quadraxis and Thardus.

BGM: Three-way tie between Ing Hive, Phendrana's Edge and Bryyo Ice.

Boss Theme: Tie between VS Dark Samus and VS Serris/Yakuza.

Planet: Bryyo

Area: Sanctuary Fortress

Least Favourites[edit | edit source]

Boss: Tie between Helios and Alpha Blogg (former due to hard to evade attacks and sheer guide dang it tendencies, latter because of ridiculous amounts of damage for that stage in the game and weak spot can only be attacked when it's using it's fast bite attack.)

BGM: Phazon Mines Level 3 (Automatically puts me on edge due to how creepy it sounds.)

Boss Theme: ...I don't have one.

Planet: Pirate Homeworld (Far too many extremely powerful enemies and annoying bosses.)

Area: Pirate Research (I hate stealth missions. Plus the boss at the end is extremely difficult.)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Science Team has vapor for brains.

—Space Pirate log, Metroid Prime.

Surely, we are cursed.

—Yet another Space Pirate log, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

I accidentally Boost Guardian by using a Power Bomb. Is this dangerous?

—Me, after one-hit killing the Boost Guardian with a Power Bomb thanks to Sequence Breaking.

Soon everything will be corrupted, including YOU!


Why can't Adam just push a button, jump out a window and have Samus pick him up?

—The Gaming Brit, on Adam's sacrifice in Other M.

Thankfully my computer didn't explode like when I was trying to blog on tumblr and browse Rob Swire's tweets on twitter. At the same time.

—Me on IRC, after joining the Wikitroid Steam Group.

Metroid Prime 2 reveals the biggest weakness metroids have after the Ice and Dark beams: doors.

—TV Tropes, Funny/MetroidPrime

Random Codes and Polls[edit | edit source]

bifurcate THIS [THIS, THIS]
import universe U1
import universe U2

~ATH(U1)    {
 ~ATH(!U2)   {



There is no significance of this code. If you somehow get it to activate, send me an image of the end result! 

I call this one, "Ridley plays Kerbal Space Program"

fastlizard4@ridley:~$ cat /var/log/kern.log
Apr  9 01:21:18 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:22:45 ridley kernel: last message repeated 2 times
Apr  9 01:23:45 ridley kernel: last message repeated 4 times
Apr  9 01:24:45 ridley kernel: last message repeated 5 times
Apr  9 01:24:55 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:26:07 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:28:07 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:30:07 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:32:08 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:34:08 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:36:08 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots
Apr  9 01:38:09 ridley kernel: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots

Neither me nor FastLizard4 know what it means, so do let us know if you find out what it does.

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