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Hi! Well, there isn't much to say. I first got started on Metroid when I was actually six years old on Super Metroid and have been paying it for well over eight years. Metroid has been our family game but the only one obsessed is me. I have five brothers and sisters. Britton,19,Collin,17,Sydney(step sister),15,me:Cody,and Deqlyn,7. Though most people absessed with video games are nerds and geeks, I don't consider me one nor would I ever make fun of one because I'm not like that. Well, I wouldn't say that I'm not a nerd. I mean I'm pretty well know at school and get along with everyone great(especially girls), but only my brothers and I consider myself a nerd, not everyone else^,^

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The metroid series are a popular series for three main reasons. One, the soryline is amazing(better than Halo if I should say so myself.)It takes place in the future, where you can do anything, go anywhere, and discover more species/plants/substances/anything(lol) and it's the fact that you can do all this with science and unkown things that makes you want to play it. Two, the logic and reasoning behind the storyline is astounding. Take the Prime trilogy for example, when Metroid Prime died he absorbed the Phazon Suit samus received while infiltrating the base of operations of the pirates and destroying their phazon experiment, only to have pure phazon to be "injected" into her creating the phazon suit and while Mtroid Pime destabalized because to much phazon had been in it causing it to overload,grabbed the phazon suit in a last effort to save itself and with the remaining phazon, the phazon combined the the DNA of the now dead Metroid Prime and Samus's DNA to create Dark Samus. The simple things like that make a great storline and chain of events which is great to play.The last thing is the wide variety of weapons you have makes it fun to kill bad guys.

My favorite metroid game of all time I would say is a tie between Metroid Prime 1, mostly because it's the original game to get the Phazon going in the series and because I have a lot of great memories playing it and Metroid Fusion because of the great storyline(see below).My second one would have to be Metroid Prime2:Echoes followed by Super Metroid.


Metroid|90% pickups. Could get the hand of the game. Sure the storyline was fun,cool and exiting, due to the fact that it was the first in the franchise and you instantly got sucked in and demanded more, but the controls were absolutly terrible as was the gameplay. I just couldn't get the hang of I used the invincible cheat ;) Overall I give this game a 7.2 rating. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Metroid II:The Return of Samus|0% I have actually not played this game, but I know it introduced new ideas for gameplay, weapons, and new ways to think of gaming and because of that, most of the features in the metroid games we have today would not have happened if it were not for this game. The controls are a lot better too.Problem: not a lot of space to explore. It is very cramped. I give this game a 7.7. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Metroid Prime|100% Best game ever. They have all of the original weapons(exept the Screw Attack)like the Plasma, Ice, and Wave. Very good graphics and intriguing storyline, the start of the Phazon series, as well as the Leviathan impacting Tallon IV makes you question,"where did the meteor come from? Did Metroid Prime(creature) come with the meteor? What are the orgins of Metroid Prime? What will become of the Space Pirates? Do they have anymore tricks up their sleeves? The game just makes you wonder and demand more. You can learn a LOT about the metroid universe by scanning averything in sight, which makes game play that much more fun. The original is the best. I give this game a 10.0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Metroid Prime 2:Echoes|95% pickups A very cool idea for a metroid game. Loved the villians, boss fighting, storline especially, and gameplay. However, like anyother game, there was some flaws. They had the basic "run and fetch" game again and that was boring a cliche. They did the characters, gameplay, and storyline different which was cool and refreshing, but the run and fetch was boring. I give this game a 9.5 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Metroid Prime 3:Corruption|98% Most people call it the best game in the series because of the best controls, new weapons, and the "answer" game(the part I really like about this game)where all the answers finally are solved, and large environment. Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% with all of this and them some, but the bosses were to easy(but rediculously fun to fight) and you could beat the game in on night(saying the storyline was to short and puzzles were easy.) The part I really liked about this game is that it was very hands on, showed lots of video clips, made you relize Samus is not the only great hunter out their as if your not the only hunter in the game, the contact you had with the federation, and the dialoge. I give this game a 9.7 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Super Metroid|100% The revolution in gaming experience as well as the metroid experience. It showed the world that metroid games were fun and showed other gmaes it meant buiness. The bosses were challenging, the secrets made you play more, and the story was great. I loved how it showed you the old tourain; that was just cool. The puzzles were challenging which was great; it made you think and made the game that much longer. Overall I give this game a 9.3

Metroid Fusion|100%________________________________________________________________________________________ AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Creative story and how they tied the X Parasite in with the whole story was great. Not just in Metroid Fusion either. When Samus killed all the Metroids off of SR-388, the X made a comeback. The metroids were created to get rid of the x on SR-388. Just a kickin, slapin, fartin'.....good game. The way you obtained your weapons was cool, bosses were fun(probably best in the series), the secrets the federation held.I give this game a 10.0

More coming soon......

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Now these pictures are from this website, Wikitroid, Deviantart, and Photobucket. What I picture Chozo as. Samus 2 What I picture Samus as

Tallon IV Seen From Space My favorite planet, Tallon IV


Favorite antagonist in any series.

Cooler look for Trace (the one eye is actually a scanner that records the surroundings onto a computer screen inside the helmet, much like Samus's visor

M Hunter Iskoron the Daixtus by SesakaHeart<---A Cool hunter idea

Brinstar<----Favorite place in Metroid games, Brinstar

Gandrayda0 Favorite boss in the metroid games Dark Samus's son <-Samus's great grandma <--For the last time, I don't have your freakin' juice!!! Ridley took it!

~*Twenty minutes before*~ --> Dudes, this juice is kickin man WOooW!

Ridley Oh crap. Dude, I'm naked Nightmare2< hangover

Shadowpirate <--A HEEEE Heeeee heeeee OWW CHUMMONAA(spins)

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