I am Metroid Fan, and I have been using this pseudonym for as long as I can remember, probably far back in the days when I joined a message board called Norfair Depths (NFD), which was run by Michael Slemmer, also known as Illusion Database. It wasn't the best of the best as far as Metroid message boards go, but it was one I enjoyed. I don't know what happened after that. It's been too long. I joined Wikitroid on January 19, 2008, but I was on and off about the site and really didn't contribute much. I've been contributing lately, however, as I think that no information about the Metroid series should be withheld, and that all the information should be gathered in one source. Why do I do it? For two reasons. The first reason is so that I may debate in favor of my favorite video game character. The second reason is to apply as much canon to the story I am working on right now with little to no fanon. I suppose that is all I wish to disclose about me for now.

Articles That Were Created by Metroid FanEdit

Distant Sight

Chozo (Language)


Galactic Federation Power Suit


List of Retcons and Inconsistencies in Metroid

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