LightSuit Shining

Bask in my glow

Race Vampiric
Home Planet Earth
Date of death I'm undead
Height 6'10"
Hair Color Coal Black
Eye Color Blood red
Gender Male
Preferred Weapons Super Missiles, Ice Beam, Anti-Planetary nuclear lasers, all enhanced by Phazon
Visors Combat Visor, Scan Visor, Dark Visor, Thermal Visor, X-Ray Visor, Fear location Visor (the most useful)
Suits Dark Suit, Phazon Suit, PED Suit, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit looks like phazon suit (most menacing)
Affiliation The guy with the biggest stick and the most cash
Mission Destroy all Metroids, Space Pirates, Ingand X Parasites
Also known as The Arbiter, The Reaper, He who walks behind, Consumer of Souls, Destroyer of Worlds, He who ends all things, The black beast of Arrrgggghhh

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On Break

I am metroidhunter32 or at least that is my user name I am not going to tell you my real name. My first metroid game was Metroid Prime, and my most recent one is metroid zero mission. I have beaten in Metroid: Zero Mission (Hard), Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption(100% vetran mode), and Metroid Fusion. I don't have any specific goals but if I see a page that can do with an update I will put it down. My favorite game is Metroid Prime. For a while I had decided Metroid Prime 3 but now I've thought about it for a while longer I realized that it is too light. The original Prime gave a feeling of desolation that when I first played it was just to much for me and I had to wait a year or two to be able to handle it.

Newly Declasified BiographyEdit

The chozo, after unleashing the metroid horror upon the universe searched for a way to stop them. To this purpose the Metroidhunter program was launched. Based off of Tallon IV, it was to use genetic enginering to create a new brand of soilders to hunt the metroids down to managable populations. Due to Tallon IV having forgone technology the first five metroidhunters were teribly maimed by the experimentation. The public was shocked to the point that the chozo council removed funding. However they then made it a black project, as they realized that it was their only chance of stopping the metroids. Metroidhunters 6 through 9 experienced similar fates to the originals and were terminated. Afterwords technology began to reach Tallon IV from Elysia and the next ten metroidhunters were sent into active duty. The were all destroyed by the metroids. It was determined that inferior armor was the cause and the next 10 were given highly advanced power suits. It was insufficent. The metroids would pack hunt the metroidhunters and stike from too many angles to be defended against. Metroidhunter 29 was given advanced sensor technology but failed often when exposed to the intense burst of radiation that a dying metroid released. It was discovered that a few strands of metroid DNA would provide a mental link with metroids and act as a infalible radar. Downsides inclueda tendency to have very voilent and vampiric tendencies. However both metroidhunter 30 and 31 were too closly connected to the metroids and felt each death as their own, and suicided so the pain would stop. Finally Metroidhunter32 was created. He was given slightly less DNA to have a weaker connection. He could sense metroids but was not connected to them as well. Afterwords the hatchling Samus Aran was chosen to battle the metroids and all funding was cancled. When the chozo faded into spirituality they left Metroidhunter32 behind to defend the planet. When the Great Poisen came to TallonIV Metroidhunter32 was one of the first creatures to find a surviable sized amount of it. He found out its usefullness in increasing power almost imediantly and carefully harnesed its power without becomeing corrupted or devolved by it. When the Chozo returned they were frightened by his use of the Poisen and attempted to destroy him. However to much power had been given to him and he was easily able to escape. When the Space pirates came he hijaked a fighter from them and began to hunt down creatures to test his limits. He found that other Phazon corrupted creatures were more able to test him and so he began to hunt them down. He killed the Empress Ing but allowed the Empror to remain in order to increase its power to provide a greater challange latter on.

This is what I will do to samus when she is ready

He new that the Hatchling would view him as an enemy and attempt to destroy him. He also knew that although she was of little skill now she could eventually become the ultimante test. After the events on Phaaze he choose to follow her and determine if the residual phazon within her would emerge or if it would be processed and destroyed. He knew that after the Federation gave the order to her to exterminate metroids it could limit his favorite prey but also give her experiance that would make her a threat. He choose to kill the metroid king, as he could have destroyed the hatchling with little trouble, but allow the queen to live in hopes that an egg would survive deep within the planet to recover the population. The result was better than he could have hoped for. The GF began to increase the metroids abilities, creating a far stronger species. When Samus was infected by the X and given the metroid vaccine he began to know that she was becoming a challange at last. The metroid DNA let her begin to absorb and use the phazon that hid deep within her body and after she was exiled by the federation for destroying the metroid project he used a subtle bribe and a not so sublte threat to get a elite team to hunt her. He knew that once she destroyed them, fellow humans, she would become brutal and cold enough to fight him at last. The end?...

First experiance with metroid Edit

I first got onto the metroid series when I rented metroid prime from blockbuster. I knew samus from super smash brothers melee and figured that I should try at least one game that she stared in. My brother figured it was a complete and total waste of cash but by the time I reached the Parasite queen I was completely and totally hooked. When I got to the elder hall the darkness of it was slowly wearing me down so I couldn't solve the puzzle that now that I know Samus's history is so obvious. When I got corruption I still had to wait a couple of months for the wii so I went back and due to this site could solve it. I than promptly purchased echoes and more or less tore through it in about 18 hours.

A measure of my devotion Edit

I am a complete and total metroid nut and have even came up with an idea for metroid prime 4 that takes place after fusion. Basically not all phazon is destroyed, and neither were all metroids or X. I also came up with an idea for a game that is all about her being a bounty hunter. This would be the least linear of any of the games. It would have a variety of missions. If you choose to temporarily ignore a request by the federation to destroy a space pirate research center you will have to fight a monster that you would otherwise never meet. But as I have no way to give either to Retro studios they will never get beyond my head.  :-(

My metroid experiances scince joining the site Edit

NNNOOO!!! I beat metroid prime three and have no good games for my Wii. It was supposed to be a twenty hour game, but apparently that was for amateurs or people who want all items. I beat it in twelve, as compared to 22 for metroid prime. That might be partially due to the fact that it took me ages to beat the puzzle in Elder hall.

I'm going back to play echoes again because I never beat it in the first place. I was just about to fight the Spider Guardian when my wii arrived and I played only Corruption. So far I have 6 out of 9 keys in the sky temple gate. I am hunting for the other three and I haven't even gone to Torvus or Sanctuary to find them. I found one in Sanctuary but that was just when I was wandering around there, I didn't even know about the keys yet.

Well I have finally collected all of the keys and Emperor Ing is one mean hombre. On my first attempt I was able to beat his first form but had so little health that I died before I could scan his cocoon. Second try let me get to his final form but I died quickly. Third try got him on the ropes I needed about two more shots to kill him when he got me. Now my brother is claiming it and who knows when I will get the wii back. If anyone has any tips for that guy please tell me.

Emperor Ing is now dead and I have defeated dark samus 5 different times. I have beaten every metroid game that I own. That include prime 1, 2, 3, and fusion. I have recently purchased a copy of zero mission because my family is going a a big road trip starting on the last day of school, and I need a new portable game. It is presently in the mail.

I had gone back to play corruption for a little bit and found out why some people had some trouble with the wiimote being insensitive to moving forward or back. While you are interacting with one of the control things a small triangle will appear where your gun-sites were before. The closer to the center of the screen the triangle is the more sensitive the wii is.

I've beaten Metroid Prime 3 corruption on 100% today. I've never really been one of those people who is obsessed with beating every game on 100% but now that I have I can see the appeal of watching the perfect ending on my TV instead of on youtube. Now I am going to try for my other games.


Favorite game series: Metroid (duh)

Favorite metroid game: Metroid Prime

Favorite game series other than metroid: Zelda

Favorite game outside of metroid: Shadow the Hedgehog, I just love them taking a game series for little kids and turning it into a violent shooter where half the dialogue should be bleeped out. And I'll admit it, I get intoxicated on the feeling of being evil. I only wish it would have a evil final story. >:) It really bugs me when people call shadow the ultaminte life form. Pay attention during adventure battle two. Shadow is the prototype of the ultimente life form so he is the penultimante life form. Now I'll admit that now that the biolizard is dead he is the new ultimante but that wasn't what he was meant as.

Bands: In order, Disturbed, Only heard one song by them but their already the best. heres the song[2]. Black Sabath, Once again only one song but still amazing. Guy goes overboard with commenting on it but the song still rocks. [3]. Trans Sibirian orchastra, More like Trans Siberian rock band but they are amazing

Random facts about meEdit

If there is a good and a evil storyline in a game I always take the evil

I am writing a book

I design weapons in my spare time so don't tick me off or you will end up as so much nuclear sludge.

My username is actually a typo. It was originally supposed to be Huntermetroid32, and I'm glad I messed up.

It actually took me over a month to figure out the title of metroid fusion.

I feel really bad now because I can easily kill Rundas, one of my favorite characters, in less than a minute. He deserves a longer fight, but I'm too good.

Strange and Unusual questions that have no answerEdit

What do skelletons keep in their closets?

What is in the mystery meat?

...................................................................................................................................................................... for when three dots just isn't enough.

How the heck did you know how to find this?!?

If i'm metroidhunter32 than why did you never wonder what I did with the other 31? I killed them!

Why does no one get the joke when I say I'm a deamon with Pit in brawl?


Rather than flooding Squeemasters talk page every time I get a new idea I'm just going to put them here.

1. Blood for Blood- Deamons all exist in reality and have all taken on human forms to survive in the modern day world. However there is a large group of deamons under command of humans that want to literaly kill every living thing. Main character is human everyone else is a deamon. Final team is a vampire, a golem, a ice spirit, a ghost, a dragon and a werewolf. There is then a second part that the human is the only factor that remains and gets a new team that consists of; a lightning spirit, a half shadow master half necro, a runner, the god of archery who is also the archangel of light, a ghoul, a lizard like monster, and the final spot is undecided, but I'm leaning twords a spartan who uses a sword that is bigger than he is.

2.I'm Back-In the future resurection tech is devleoped but ends up making zombies that could have walked out of a Horror movie. So laws are passed to keep zombie tech down but some people ignore it and perfect it making sentient zombies. The main character is one of theese. So he must travel the land convince humans that he should be allowed to survive, and stop a sentient zombie from killing everyone.

3. Title Unkown(not the actually title for those of you who don't understand saracasm)-In the future total eutopia is reached except for a group of about 3 billion people who want to rule the world. In order to do so they create suits that they put infants into in order to create wepons of war. Main character is trapped in suit and must escape, help the goverment against the group, and defeat the thousand foot tall super weapon group has made.

4. The Twilight House-Guy buys a house that is actually a portal to a other universe and ends up getting involved in a war between those that want never ending day and those who want never ending night. Guy starts going for the light, than gets corrupted by the dark, than goes back to the light again. The corruption happens to let him use a super powerful light crystal that normally kills you if you use it and he must than defeat the lord of the dark. Secret at the end but it is a secret (duh).

5. The Good, the Bad, and the Evil-War breaks out in the distant future and all boils down to two sides. The Lyte and the Darke. The Lyte uses highly advanced armor suits while the darke use mutations causing great strength and nearly bulletproof skin. However what neither side knows is that there is a third group called the Evile (pronounced E-vial) that want to keep the war going on for as long as possible. So there is a super soilder for the evile that is named the arbiter. He goes to decisive battles and kills everyone so one side can never get the edge on the other. He's the main character.

6. Title Unkown-Way long ago two families got in a blood feud. As they kept fighting for generations eventually it became a friendly contest every thirty years. Rules were invented with the most important being that only the new generation can actually fight. I probally should have told you this sooner but each and every one of both fammilies have some super power. Main character is a member of one of the families but he doesn't know for half the book. His power is telekinies (yeah I know it's mispelled I'll fix it later). However one of the last generation of the other family wants it to become open war again and he is a reality bender.

7. The Time Soilder-War breaks out in the future and ends up breaking down until only the U.S. and China are left. China develops a time machine and the US intecepts one of 2 shipments of the super rare and unreplacable ingrediants, and instructions. So now both the US and China have time machines but it has to be calabrated to a single person. So China keeps messing up history trying to destroy america and the US keeps changing it back with their own soldier who has a secret history that constently torments him. Battle fields incule Thermopale pass, Lexington, Getysburg, Normandy, some spot in the Russian tundra, and northern canada at a missle defence station. However a special crystal is used to power the time machine and they only get about 10.

8. Title Unkown-Less bizare than all of the others. Just simple war in the future with a average soldier. Uses a special plasma rifle that can switch between sniper, machine gun, and rocket launcher modes. Only twist is that every nuke and every stock of wepons grade uranium has vanished. But the bad guy found some. (Dramatic music)


I found this thing over on zeldapedia. Nice huh?

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Worst
Game Metroid Prime Corruption Echoes Metroid Fusion
Story Corruption Echoes Fusion Zero Mission
Graphical Style Metroid Prime Super Metroid Echoes Metroid
Music Metroid Prime Coruption Echoes Metroid
Character Samus Rundas Ghor Adam Malkovich


It's amazing all the things I find over on Zeldapedia.

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