I'm gonna put it out there, I like to piss people off. I don't know what it is, but something just wells inside me that makes me want to piss everyone off. I think that it's my Ridley side, that makes sense.

Project Helix Edit

Currently, I'm writing songs for a Metroid concept album I'm working on. The album is called "Project Helix". The songs I have peiced together are; K2L, Mechanical Life Vein, Tallon IV, The Great Poison, The Worm, Age of Anxiety, Infanticide, and Generation X.

My favorites Edit

Planet: Zebes, there are so many areas. And Samus grew up there.

Section: Brinstar, red, green, and old. I love the music of green Brinstar, and I like the way that it connects with old Brinstar. I like red Brinstar because I like the way that it connects with Maridia, and I like the music.

Suit: The Birthday suit.

Game: Definately Super Metroid, it's everything a metroid game should be. And it's pretty much the template for every new metroid game.

Species: Space Pirates. They are highly advanced and are always looking for new ways to improve their forces. Also their phoenix-like characteristics are something that I can relate to. The way that they keep building themselves up, get shot down by Samus, and continue again. It's a lot like how my life is.

Weapon: Plasma beam stacked with wave. I feel that ice slows down the killing process.

Boss: Ridley. He's so badass, the way that he just completely raped K-2L, metaphorically speaking. I hope that he becomes a playable Smash Bros. character in the next game.

Missile: Super.

I'd say that a good theme song for Samus might be Vinnie Vincent Invasion: Animal, "With passion and fire gonna break that seam, when ecstasy explodes in a silent scream."

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