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Metroid Other M Screaming

This section lists what I think of the games. I also put item completion next to the game.

  • Metroid -(100%) Beat it only a few times without cheat Passwords. Really needs a map and the ability to start with over 30 energy.
  • Metroid II -(63%) I liked the game, but like Metroid 1, it needs a map. The bosses were fine to me and I liked the ending.
  • Super Metroid -(100%) My favorite 2D Metroid Game. I have beaten it many times and I still enjoy it. The Spacetime Beam is fun to play around with.
  • Fusion -(85%) I liked the game, but the bosses were INSAINE (YAKUZA.) It needs a remake and a sequel.
  • Prime -(90%) Only played the Trilogy version. Was really fun but it felt like it was missing something that it's sequels had. I wish the elevators were repositioned.
  • Zero Mission -(55%) I like this game too, but it felt to short. I wish the game could connect to Prime 2.
  • Echoes Bonus Disc -(0%) I don't have it but I am going to get it soon.
  • Echoes -(100%) Sometimes I love this game, sometimes don't. I liked parts of the game such as the lore, environment, and items, but some of the bosses are a little too hard. I'm glad it fixed my problem with the elevators from Prime 1. I wish it connected to Zero Mission. Maybe if you connected it, you would get Norfair and Chozodia multiplayer stages.
  • First Hunt -(100%) I got it for a really cheap price. It is a neat little demo.
  • Pinball -(86%)(Based on Stages) Extremely hard. No Chozo Ruins table. I beat all stages except Impact Crater.
  • Hunters -(100%) I beat it zero deaths. Controls were ehh and the Hunters appearing in random rooms was nice.
  • Corruption -(100%) I loved it. Have beaten numerous times. Just like Prime 1 and 2, I only have the Trilogy version. It might just be my favorite Prime game. (Please don't kill me)
  • Trilogy -(96%) What I play all my Prime games on. Since I love all the Prime games, I guess it is my favorite Metroid game. It would be my favorite game of all time if it had Super Metroid.
  • Other M -(80%) Other M is my least favorite Metroid game (not counting Federation Force.) That is actually mainly because all the other Metroid games are great and Other M is ok. The action was good and I liked some of the Samus characterization. What I did not like was Samus's PTSD when she sees Ridley alive for the 7th time. The authorization concept was ok except Adam's military blunder of, for some reason, not letting Samus use her Varia and Gravity Suits. It is kind of annoying though, that he does all this to protect survivors but there is only one real survivor at the END of the game.
  • Federation Force -(25%) It is possibly my least favorite Metroid game ( counting Other M but not counting Pinball) there's not much to say. The Story, Combat, Multiplayer, and environments are all fine but that's about it.
  • Samus Returns-(100%) A mostly good remake of Metroid II. Was addicting and fun, but I wish it was a little darker (as in atmosphere and areas.)
  • AM2R-(?) Only played a bit of it. Looks fun.
  • Smash Bros. - Played it once. I can't really master the controls.
  • Melee - It had a good amount of characters and modes. My 3nd favorite Smash game. I main Samus, Link, and Gannondorf.
  • Brawl - I really love this game. It is the best Smash game just because The Subspace Emissary is better than World of Light. It is like Melee except with more modes and characters. Finally another Metroid fighter! I main Samus/Zero Suit Samus and Gannondorf.
  • Smash 4 - My least favorite Smash Bros. game. It was still fun though. I'm disappointed that they didn't add more Metroid fighters.
  • Ultimate-FINALLY, two more Metroid fighters. All the fans need is Sylux and Rundas and life will be good. My 2nd favorite Smash Bros. game only because Subspace in Brawl is better than World of Light.

Manga Log[edit | edit source]

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  • 1986 manga - I thought it was funny.
  • Nintendo Comics System and Captain N - It was kind of weird, but some of the ideas were cool.
  • SM Comic - This might be one of the better Manga. I read this one often. I wish Ridley was actually defeated though.
  • Shonen Oh! Manga - It was funny like the 1986 manga.
  • Samus and Joey - Very ambitious. I was always exited for the next chapter.
  • Metroid EX - A great conclusion to Samus and Joey.
  • MP1 Comic - Why does this comic and Prime Pinball insist on erasing Flaahgra from existence? Furthermore, Thardus who was originally fought in the Magmoor Caverns, than Phendrana Drifts, (the development team moved him) is now in the Chozo Ruins. It was pretty good but it felt so short.
  • Episode of Aether - It was my favorite Metroid Manga. I wish it hadn't time jumped from halfway though Agon Wastes to the endgame. Why would they ever skip Sanctuary Fortress?
  • Metroid 2002 manga - It felt very dramatic and soapy but it is an interesting take on Samus's backstory. It contradicts way too much with Other M.
  • The Shape of Happiness - It was funny the first time I read it but I had to wait a while after for it to regain it's humor.

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Hauntershadow - Metroid Silent Hill Mix Dark SkyTown

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