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Hi, there. I'm RAN1, better known around here as RAN. Welcome to my user page.


I am, as you've probably guessed by now, a Metroid fan. Fittingly, I've played a number of Metroid games (unsurprisingly):

Metroid Fusion

This was my first Metroid game. I learned of it from a few of my friends a long time ago, and started to play it. However, I was not terribly good at it, and not using guides from GameFAQs and the like, combined with the fact that I wasn't really good with side-scrollers (I didn't play many video games at the time), I eventually gave it up in between defeating Yakuza and the second Sector 2 SA-X encounter. I picked it back up after a few years and started getting better at it. Beat the game, beat the game again and again. I got 100% at some point last week, and now I've speed-run it with 100% items under two hours, using the best speed-run techniques I had. That got me in at 1:57 completion time.

Ranking: 6/10

  • I don't think this was one of the better of the games due to the linearity of the game. The bosses at some point got plain boring once you knew how to kill them, and after that it was cake.

Metroid Prime

I bought this game at some point, intending to buy the GameCube later on, but those plans got canceled somehow, and it was left sitting on a shelf for two or so years. I finally got a Wii when it came out, and this was the second game I put on it (the first one namely was Super Smash Bros. Brawl). I used a walkthrough this time due to being obfuscated at some point in Frigate Orpheon where to go during the self-destruct sequence (the debris in the lab are stairs, duh). I did get 100% this way, but strangely enough, when I played Hard Mode without the walkthrough, I memorized where each and every item in the game was. :/.

Ranking: 9/10

  • This was the best of the Prime series imo. The environments were cool, the enemies were awesome, the bosses were extraordinary, etc etc. On the other hand, Hard Mode didn't provide much of a hard time (come on, one extra missile to kill an enemy makes it terribly boring). And in the MPT version, no charge beam effects? I liked it when my Arm Cannon froze over while charging a shot for the Metroids.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Of course, this came next. This game was a bit more annoying thanks to the developers not actually watching the difficulty of the bosses (I got killed on the Spider Guardian 5 times). Still, the whole Light/Dark element was neat, and I think it was nice, though they could have done the graphics better. It looks as if they downgraded the whole graphics engine. As for multiplayer, it needed work. I'll leave it at that.

Ranking: 7/10

  • Pretty much everything up there describes why.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

This came with MPT, but whatever. No "damn"s allowed, for some unknown reason. Here, I was bored out of my wits of GameFAQs, so I resorted to playing without any guide (with some knowledge gained from reading the articles here). Of course, the first place I go to from the Theseus is the Bryyo Thorn Jungle. -_-. Anywho, the game was actually very fun thanks to some new graphics. So, thinking that the Hypermode difficulty would be better, I tried it…


Yes, I'm using a new section for Hypermode. The most difficult challenge for a Metroid player like me. Several times while fighting bosses (particularly Mogenar and Gandrayda), I found myself with no more Energy Tanks to spare for Hypermode. If there's one thing that you should know, it's conserve shots unless you're going to abuse it (ie. Go into corrupted Hypermode to keep the Phazon Bar a bit full). Otherwise, you'll just be wasting Energy Tanks. In the fight against Gandrayda, I killed her while she was in Hyper Mode using Plasma Beam shots. Not fun at all. Beating AU-313 wasn't much fun either, but eventually I did, and I beat Hypermode.

Ranking: 9.9/10

  • Like Metroid Prime 1, this game had awesome environments and graphics. Despite the fact that Hypermode was insinuatingly difficult, I still consider this one of the best Metroid games ever.

Super Metroid

This is starting to look like the best game ever. Lots more fun than Metroid Fusion, and if there's anything else, the Wall Jump physics are broken. I've sequence-broke so bad that I couldn't progress in Norfair because I completely skipped the Power Bombs at some point, and I had to find a pack by sequence breaking. xD. At the moment, I'm trying to see if I can get 100% item completion in the game. No real time limit set, considering I'm definitely way over 5 hours of gametime.

Ranking: 10/10

  • Who cares if the graphics suck? The gameplay is awesome is what I like about this. It makes it all the more fun.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption rooms

So, I've been writing up a bunch of articles for the various rooms of MP3. Here's a to-do list of sorts for my progress on it.


Update 1
Going smoothly. I've completed the first Phase of Bryyo, but other than that, nothing much to say. Update on: 00:47, February 22, 2010 (UTC).
Update 2
Planning to get on the templates with my completion of the game tomorrow so I can start on the GFS Olympus Phases and Norion Phase 1. I'm on the only visit to the Valhalla (right before the jump to Phaaze), so I'll be able to finish the game for the 5th time tomorrow. Update on: 04:19, February 26, 2010 (UTC)
Update 3
Well, the templates are done, obviously. Though the Templates section down here is all full of green, the Phases section is full of red, which I'll have to amend some time soon. Going to be doing MP3 on Hypermode for navigation to slow down progress. Last time I did it, it was a pain, but let's see if I can get rid of that issue. First off, the bulk of the Olympus. Update on: 02:38, March 2, 2010 (UTC)
Update 4
Boring ship theme played over and over again was boring. First two phases for Olympus have been obliterated, leaving only 4 redlinks from the Olympus templates. Time to fly down to Norion to beat up more Space Pirates. Hopefully, this'll be less irritating than my week-long struggle with charting the Olympus. Update on: 14:54, March 6, 2010 (UTC)
Update 5
Basic stuff done thanks to help by some good editors who I've still yet to credit. Feel free to look around in the room pages' histories if you want a better look. In either case, I'll probably take my time tearing through the unchecked rooms for stuff to improve. Update on 20:38, April 25, 2013 (UTC).


This table lists the room templates, and tells whether they've been completed.

Template Completed?
G.F.S. Olympus Check small.png
Pirate Homeworld
G.F.S. Valhalla


I split up this little task into different "Phases", sets of rooms which I will write articles about, one set at a time. These are organized for each planet rather than chronologically, and I won't do each Phase in order, just so you know.

Planet Phase Description Completed?
G.F.S. Olympus Phase 1 Here is where I document the first rooms Samus encounters on her way to the Ready Room. Check small.png
Phase 2 Samus fights her way out of the Olympus to her ship.
Phase 3 Samus somehow gets transported to the Olympus, gets the PED Suit installed in her suit while she's asleep, and starts running a lot after waking up from a three-week coma.
Norion Phase 1 Samus just goes all over the place in a hurry to get the facility's defenses back online, then gets smote by Dark Samus in the end. Ouch. X mark.png
Phase 2 Revisiting this after acquiring the Nova Beam and Seeker Missiles, I'll get down the rooms Samus enters on her way to Generator B. X mark.png
Bryyo Phase 1 The first exploration of Bryyo, in which Samus initiates the satellite uplink on the GFS Theseus. Check small.png
Phase 2 Samus goes after Rundas, grabs the Ice Missile, sees the gigantic shield generator, and then runs back to her ship, picking up some extras along the way. X mark.png
Phase 3 Here, I document the journey past the Theseus to the Hangar Bay. X mark.png
Phase 4 Skip the boring "blow up Bryyo Fire's generator" section; instead, we're gonna have some fun blowing up some anti-air turrets. After that, some exploring the interior of the Leviathan. X mark.png
Phase 5 Exploring Bryyo Ice here, as well as just dealing with the Plasma Beam-accessible area near the Hangar Bay and getting rid of any leftovers. X mark.png
Elysia Phase 1 From discovering this place to discovering that we need the Screw Attack, plus the second landing site here. X mark.png
Phase 2 Coming back here to own Space Pirates instead of drones, here we grab a bomb and put it into our favorite Spire Pod. After that, some more listening to the Leviathan theme. X mark.png
Phase 3 Cleanup with the Grapple Voltage, and eventually, the Spider Ball. X mark.png
Pirate Homeworld Phase 1 Command Center exploration, where we enjoy getting a new visor. X mark.png
Phase 2 Research Facility fun. Here, Samus tries to go after the Hazard Shield, fails, and then has fun with an "old friend". X mark.png
Phase 3 Upon her return to the Research Facility, Samus gets the Hazard Shield. Then, we'll explore with her the Command Center in more depth, only to discover the Pirate Mines. X mark.png
Phase 4 Blowing up some stuff here: both the Defense Shield Generator, and some Skyway doors. Then we destroy Omega Ridley and the Leviathan he fails to protect. X mark.png
Phase 5 A short phase after the entire exploration of the Valhalla, in which we open up the way to Phaaze. X mark.png
G.F.S. Valhalla Phase 1 This is the only phase, primarily because I often explore it in one run with the Nova Beam so I don't have to deal so much with the pest known as the Phazon Metroid. X mark.png
Phaaze Final "Phaaze" Lol. Anywho, destroy Samus' evil twin, almost defeat the giant brain, pause, look at the rooms I've gone through, write whatever I have to write, then defeat the game. Until then, I get to do the rest of the universe. X mark.png

More stuff

When I get the time to put it down, I suppose.