"Darkness Coming..."

-AU 313

I would make this a RickRoll, but...

I am as old as my skin and a little bit older than my teeth. Hahah. A lame joke. Something I excel at. Anyway;

I am a Rollback on this site. Though I've never used it. Unless you have a death wish...

I am also a patroller. I see everything you do...

I don't edit much, I mostly patrol and criticize others for editing poorly. XD

I love destroying things, 0% running Metroid Fusion, (Or at least attempting it) and concepting ideas I'd like to send to Nintendo.

I hold the Montgomery County/D.C. area record for Metroid Fusion non-TAS 100% speed run, with a time of 1:49 and a percentage... of... 101%. No crap. 100%. DUH.

Favorite Metroid Game: Fusion, or Echoes. Or Corruption. Whatever.

Favorite Boss: Nightmare in Fusion, or Dark Samus on the Sanctuary lift, or Quadraxis. I like robots and cyborgs.

Favorite beam: Nova, MP3

Favorite Charge Combo: Darkburst, MP2

Favorite area: Sanctuary, MP2. I like mechanical areas.

Favorite Bounty Hunter: Ghor or Sylux.

Favorite Planet: Aether... or Bryyo... does Ceres count? No? Ok, fine.

I have all the Metroid games except Metroid 2, as my battery backup died.

I am blind in my left eye.

I like giving useless knowledge to others who are in need of it... WTF?

I edit Wikitroid (told you my knowledge is useless).

I am in existence.

My heart beats.

I breathe.

I hate hippies. My god, the hippies. 

My pet metroid, Dood Da Gi.

I also have a pet larval Metroid. SCREW YOU, MP2 PIRATE LOGS! METROIDS CAN BE PETS! Wait, why do I have a Metroid if I'm an X?

SA-X is having a Birthday party tonight, and I don't want to miss it.

My MPH friend code is:




Yeah... I had 2 Mph carts, lost both, and got a new one, so my stats kinda suck right now.


How to Put Ridley in Smash.

Can't decide which is stranger:


I like the part where she says Nimu.

O.K. I'm gonna go fry that oversized lobster Trace with my Shock Coil now. For real this time.

mah sig:

MayTheLightOfAetherProtectYou 19:05, March 29, 2012 (UTC)


Thy sandbox of Sylux X, thy owner of souls and manipulator of thee.

OK, I'M SERIOUSLY DONE NOW. GOD! (Correction: Sylux X is a Bruce Leeist... so more realistically, BRUCE LEE!!)

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