Hi, I'm Wonderwalrus!

I'm don't know a whole lot about the Metroid series, but I do have Metroid II, Fusion, and Zero Mission and now know how cool Metroid is. Except the Nightmare . I really dislike that floating six-eyed bag of pus. I hope to help this website by doing some cleanups and detailing. In case my name doesn't imply, I LOVE WALRUSES. I honestly believe there should've been some walruses in Metroid Other M. That would have been AMAZING. I have a Walrus Wiki , just for the occasional walrus fanatic who happens across this user page. Much like my friend Metroid Master, I think zoomers are the BEST metroid enemy ever. They're so cool, just running around in awesome-infused circles.

My Metroid Favourites[edit | edit source]

Character (Prime Trilogy)- Ghor

Hunter (MPH)- Spire

Beam- Plasma

Alternate Form- Halfturret (i don't know, I just find it comical to see half of Weavel running around)

Enemy- Zoomers (obviously)

Boss- Kraid (well, with three bellybuttons, who wouldn't like him?)

Mini-Boss- Crocomire

Weapon- Charge Beam

Game- Zero Mission

Upgrade- Space Jump (what can i say? flying is cool.)

Metroid Fusion[edit | edit source]

- 100% Items (time was about 3:40-something. Terrible, I know, but...)

- Speed Run- 1:45

- An entire file dedicated to killing the Nightmare (because I hate him)

- I'm trying to get to see all the pictures at the end. It's really hard.

Metroid II Return of Samus[edit | edit source]

- 100% items

- All three endings (one for each file)

- Not much else can be unlocked for this game. (It's kind of old)

Metroid Zero Mission[edit | edit source]

- Original Metroid game

- Sound Test (Ridley's theme is my favourite)

- Time Attack Records: 100% is 2:13, non-100% is 1:17

- Gallery Function

a. Ending 1: complete game (no specific requirements) - Yes

b. Ending 2: complete game on Normal/Hard difficulty (no other requirements) - Yes

c. Ending 3: complete game on Normal/Hard difficulty in under two hours - Yes

d. Ending 4: complete game with 100% items - Yes

e. Ending 5: complete game with 100% items & under two hours - Yes

f. Ending 6: complete game on Hard difficulty with 100% & under two hours - Yes

g. Ending 7: complete game on Normal difficulty with 15% items or less - Yes

h. Ending 8: complete game on Hard difficulty with 15% items or less - Yes

i. Fusion Gallery unlocked: Yes

Thank you to my good friend Metroid Master for the help!

Yay Signatures[edit | edit source]

I just learned to do this, so anyone can sign since walruses are so totally awesome. :3= Wonderwalrus 02:21, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

Metroid Master

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