I thought I would make a post for this year's e3 as I did for the press conference last year. Well, I'm saying e3 but nintendo is doing a Nintendo Direct release once again instead. Looks like they have released some trailers for games already announced today, which you can see here: [1]

Many rumours of new titles to be announced include the new zelda wii u, a star fox game, majoras make remake, and a metroid game. In addition Retro Studio's project that they have been working on since possibly as early as November. Most likely we more will receive more Smash Bros. info, along with the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I have read several website articles that predict a Metroid game, some even thinking Metroid II may be remade in some form and announced.

You can view Nintendo's presentation via [2], which will be broadcast at 12:00 pm est/ 9:00 am pst /17:00 pm bst (hope those are correct).

Wont be getting my hopes up for a Metroid title but it would be a nice surprise. Looking forward to seeing Zelda Wii U and possibly a Majora's Mask remake, and more Smash Bros. info.

Anything you guys are looking forward to? Predictions? Hopes? Let me know. God love ya.

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