RoyboyX RoyboyX 11 February 2012

Metroid: Another M

Because there is so much hate towards Other M throughout the world and the internet, I am rewriting the beginning of the story to better fit people's desires.

All I could think of was one thing.

I'm going to die.

I'm going to die at the hands of Mother Brain in her ugly, artichoke-shaped body, with chicken limbs and a whole lot of energy. I'm going to die at the hands of a creature I had set out to destroy.

I'm just plain going to die.

There I lay on the metallic floor, defeated and clad in only my torn and rugged Zero Suit. Her Laser Brain Attack had disabled my suit and upgrades completely. As I sat pathetically awaiting death, I felt something gentle lift me into the air. I opened my eyes and forced myself to ask the question.

"Why am I still…

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RoyboyX RoyboyX 4 May 2011

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: The Novel

My seventh novel shall tell us what really happened on Aether.

  • 1 Prologue: A War of Two Worlds
  • 2 Chapter 1: Army
  • 3 Chapter 2: Crash-Landing
  • 4 Chapter 3: Thieves
  • 5 Chapter 4: Strange Light
  • 6 Chapter 5: Sandstorms
  • 7 Chapter 6: Doppelgänger
  • 8 Chapter 7: Flooded Forest
  • 9 Chapter 8: Mechanical Marvels
  • 10 Chapter 9: Doppelgänger II
  • 11 Chapter 10: Treasure Hunt
  • 12 Chapter 11: Legacy of a Race
  • 13 Epilogue

Once, long ago, a race of creatures called the Luminoth settled on planet Aether after many nomadic generations spent roaming the universe. They carved out a peaceful existence there, coming to know the land and animals and bathing in the power of what they called the "Light of Aether". To prolong the lifetime of the planet, they decided to harness this light by building E…

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RoyboyX RoyboyX 14 April 2011

Metroid Prime Hunters: The Novel

My sixth novel. Might as well get the most boring game ever over with.

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Chapter 1: New Mission
  • 3 Chapter 2: Crumbling Station
  • 4 Chapter 3: Ghetto Norfair
  • 5 Chapter 4: Bioweapons Factory
  • 6 Chapter 5: Subzero Solace
  • 7 Chapter 6: Round Up
  • 8 Chapter 7: Star Samus
  • 9 Chapter 8: The Secret

In the distant reaches of space, beyond the territories controlled by the Galactic Federation, is the Tetra Galaxy, once home to a mighty race known as the Alimbics. An advanced civilization, peaceful, prosperous, and powerful, the Alimbics maintained stability over the region forcefully but judiciously. They reigned over a vast region known as the Alimbic Cluster.

One day, perhaps thousands of years ago, perhaps tens of thousands, they simply disappeared, leaving behi…

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RoyboyX RoyboyX 21 February 2011

Metroid Prime: The Novel

My fifth novel, based on the first 3-D adventure in Metroid. Yes, another thing created during my block.

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Chapter 1: Distress Call
  • 3 Chapter 2: Planetfall
  • 4 Chapter 3: Restoring my Suit
  • 5 Chapter 4: Purifying a Spring
  • 6 Chapter 5: Fire and Ice
  • 7 Chapter 6: Prophecy
  • 8 Chapter 7: Pirate War
  • 9 Chapter 8: Ghosts
  • 10 Chapter 9: Corruption
  • 11 Chapter 10: Fulfilling the Legacy
  • 12 Epilogue

Three years ago, below the surface of planet Zebes, the mercenaries known as Space Pirates were defeated by interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran. Descending to the very core of the Pirate stronghold, Samus exterminated the energy-based parasites called Metroids, and defeated Mother Brain, the leader of the Pirate Horde. But the Space Pirates were far from finished. Several P…

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RoyboyX RoyboyX 22 November 2010

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Novel

My fourth novel, based on Samus' most famous mission.

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Chapter 1: Planetfall
  • 3 Chapter 2: Upgrading
  • 4 Chapter 3: Preperation
  • 5 Chapter 4: Kraid
  • 6 Chapter 5: Preperation #2
  • 7 Chapter 6: Ridley
  • 8 Chapter 7: Mother Brain
  • 9 Chapter 8: Ambush
  • 10 Chapter 9: Power

In the year 2000 of the Cosmic calendar, many planets formed a government known as the Galactic Federation. Thanks to the cooperation of the planets and many of the galactic communities, intergalactic peace occurred and caravans ferried back and forth between locations.

Many planets are unknown, and are a cause of alarm to the Federation. One such planet was named SR388, located in a remote part of space not found on many galactic charts. The Space Research Vessel Marina arrived there to explore …

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