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However, to add to the mystery, I used a different actress for the death scream as I wanted a voice with a higher register for the game over screen. An actress with the initials of “VM”. Maybe the internet sleuths can figure this one out. Unfortunately, the exact identities of the actresses in question are in an e-mail somewhere buried deep in Nintendo’s archives. 🙁

—Clark Wen (interview)

"VM" are the initials of a voice actress who provided the death scream of Samus Aran in the Metroid Prime series. Her existence was first revealed in a 2018 interview with Clark Wen, the audio lead of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, on Shinesparkers. Asked about the voice of Samus, Wen recalled that a dozen actresses had auditioned for the role through Nintendo EAD, who sent him the recordings. He did not know their names, only having their initials. While he used the recordings of an actress with the initials "JH" (assumed to be Jennifer Hale) for Samus's general grunts of pain when hurt, he used a scream for Samus's death from an actress with the initials "VM". This is because he wanted an actress with a higher register for it. He did not have any idea who "VM" might be, and suspected that the "internet sleuths" would discover her identity.[1]

She has been speculated to be Vanessa Marshall, a voice actress with extensive work in video games and animated films and television. Wen called this assertion a reasonable guess.[2] Marshall has yet to comment on this revelation.

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