Vegetation in the Central Reactor Core

Vegetation, also referred to as plant roots, is an obstacle that appears aboard the BSL Station in Metroid Fusion.


Vegetation is a type of overgrowth that appears in the Reactor Silo and Sector 2. It does not harm Samus, but it can block her path as she navigates the area. Some of it may be cleared away with beam weapons, but thicker brambles cannot be directly destroyed. It also appears in the foreground and background as non-interactive scenery.

Samus first sees the overgrowth of plant roots in the Reactor Silo while on a mission to restore auxiliary power. This vegetation has been choking the Central Reactor Core, causing the BSL Station to lose its main power. Upon returning to Sector 2, she finds the area covered with much more vegetation than before, blocking off entire rooms that she could previously access. Most vegetation will wither away and disappear once Nettori, the source of the overgrowth, is destroyed; however, some will remain in the background of Sector 2.

Official data[]

Fusion dialogue[]

ADAM: Save Rooms and Recharge Rooms are now back online, but with only auxiliary power, no elevators or hatches will work. Without the main silo online, we're still stuck. I believe the source of the problem is the vegetation you saw earlier choking the Reactor Core components. Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

We'll have to find the source of those roots to proceed.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Prior outage caused by plant roots in core. Investigate.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Source of plant roots treated. Plasma Beam ability absorbed.