Venom Weed is a plant species found in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

It is related to normal Tangle Weed, with the exception of their varying coloration (scarlet in Prime, and purple in Echoes) and poisonous nature. Whereas Tangle Weed is merely an inconvenience, Venom Weed is truly dangerous, depleting Samus' health if she wanders into it. It is found in the Chozo Ruins and Tallon Overworld in Metroid Prime and Torvus Bog, Dark Torvus, and Sky Temple Grounds in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

In Prime, the Venom Weed seems to have been a result of the Flaahgra's poison infiltrating the water sytems of the Ruins (and subsequently, Phazon), causing the otherwise-benign Tangle Weed to become corrupted by the toxins. In Echoes, the Venom Weed is found living on land and underwater, while a mutant strain was found in Dark Aether, seemingly having somehow reached and adapted to the dark planet's corrosive atmosphere; scanning these two Venom Weed variants from Echoes will not download them into Samus' Logbook.

As with Tangle Weed, shooting at or near it will briefly make it retract into the ground. They emit a "sighing" sound when they retract. The Tangle Weed from Phaaze possesses the ability to damage Samus, identically to all Venom Weed strains.


Metroid PrimeEdit

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Logbook entry and scansEdit

Venom Weed Scan

Tallon IV

Temporary scan

Species: Venom Weed
Poisonous plant that retracts into the ground if threatened.

Logbook entry

Venom Weed is a poisonous plant that retracts into the ground if threatened. Venom Weeds evolved to thrive in the habitats of large organisms. They lure prey with brightly colored leaves, then attack with tiny barbs that deliver a powerful toxin. Venom Weeds rapidly decompose anything that succumbs in their midst.

"Bioscan complete. This is a common strain of Venom Weed. Poisonous plant retracts into the ground if threatened. Thrives in any warm environment."
Dark Aether
"Bioscan complete. This is a mutant strain of Venom Weed. Poisonous plant retracts into the ground if threatened. Adapted to life on Dark Aether."



Raiz texture

Red plants on SR388 in Metroid: Samus Returns

  • The toxic Red plants native to SR388 in Metroid: Samus Returns resemble Venom Weeds in their red color and the toxic substance they produce. However, Red plants do not retreat when shot and in order to move through them safely, Samus must use the Lightning Armor. As they are both encountered on planets that once contained Chozo colonies, it is possible that the two plants are related or can be seen as an example of convergent evolution.
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