Command Courtyard

Ventilation fans are mechanisms which aim to disperse cloudy, sometimes harmful air and replace it with fresher air. Space Pirate-made ventilation fans appear as obstacles in the Metroid Prime series.

Metroid Prime[]


As Samus descends further into the Phazon Mines, she comes to a Ventilation Shaft containing two large fans behind grates on the walls beside the Half-pipe. The fans are said to be working at minimal power if scanned. Puffers appear from vents in the ceiling and begin to cloud the room with meta-viprium gas. Samus is unable to do anything but escape at this point. After recovering Power Bombs from the Central Dynamo, Samus can use one on a Bendezium panel at the base of the leftmost fan, and then roll through to a Control Room with an Interface Module. Once scanned, the leftmost fan activates at full power and direct the Puffers into the other fan, destroying it and the creatures. An Energy Tank can be collected from the rightmost fan's former location.

Floor ventilation fan[]

Deep Chozo Ruins Screenshot (23).png

A floor ventilation fan exists in the Dynamo room of the Chozo Ruins. Unlike the fans mentioned above and below, this fan is not an obstacle and is only part of the room. The fan is underneath a grating on the floor, which cannot be breached. According to its scan, it is still functional despite multiple failed electric connections.

"Floor ventilation fan still functional despite multiple failed electrical connections."

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

Three ventilation fans appear in the Command Courtyard running over top of the entrance to a vent shaft, blocking it. They are hazardous to Samus if she comes in contact with them. To deactivate them, Samus must use a Grab Ledge next to the fans and roll through several tunnels in the Courtyard until she reaches a chamber on the top walkway of the room. Here, she can remove Energy Cell ID: NE-1202S-6, which stops power to the fans and causes them to stop. Samus can then roll into the tunnel, which ultimately leads to the X-Ray Visor.


Metroid Prime[]

Before Power Bombs
"Ventilation fan is working at minimal level. Activation of vent system will bring it to full power."
Before activation
"Ventilation fan is functional, but offline. An activation panel must be nearby."

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

"Ventilation fans are blocking the vent duct. Cables can be seen leading up through the ceiling."
"Ventilation fans offline. Power is no longer being received. Access to vent ducts granted."