Venting system

The venting system is a component of the Luminoth Quad mechanisms, used to regulate the heat they generate during their attacks. It appears as a red-colored node on the underside of the Quad's Main Body, and serves as its weak spot. After a Quad uses its vortex spin, it will go into a cooldown period where its venting system is vulnerable for a few seconds. If Samus rushes through it with the Boost Ball, the venting system will be destroyed and the Quad's body will collapse to the ground, damaged beyond repair. However; this can only kill the Quad if the Command Module (the head) has been destroyed as well. If not, the head will detach from the body and continue to engage Samus.

Quadraxis, a much larger Quad-like mechanism, has similar nodes under its four legs, which can create shockwaves. Though optional, it is possible to destroy them with the Boost Ball, removing one option for it to attack Samus.

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