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The vertical chamber[1] is a room in Area 1 of SR388, seen in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns.


The vertical chamber is the first room of Area 1 that is not flooded with purple liquid. Upon entering this chamber in Samus Returns, the theme of Area 1 starts playing for the first time.

As its name suggests, the vertical chamber stretches vertically, with the entrance on the bottom and the exit at the top. In addition to ledges along the left and right walls, there are four platforms directly in the middle of the chamber; however, some of these platforms are home to Needlers (Return of Samus) or Electric Moheeks (Samus Returns), which make their respective debuts in this room. Therefore, Samus Aran must stand on neighboring ledges to shoot these creatures and safely clear the way for her ascent. In Samus Returns, the room's layout serves to demonstrate the Electric Moheek's ability to electrify entire platforms, and therefore teach the importance of caution around these creatures.

With the additional graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, the vertical chamber is much more visually detailed in Samus Returns. Lush plants with large green leaves are growing in the rock, and an insect can be spotted crawling on the left wall. Small waterfalls can be seen in the background, and the bottom of the vertical chamber is now submerged in a shallow pool of water.

The layout of the room remains mostly unchanged in Samus Returns, with only one major alteration: the second "middle platform" is now fused with the right wall, leading to a Charge Door that was not present in the original game. Unlike all previously-seen doors, this door is glowing red-hot; entering it leads to a room with extreme heat that Samus cannot endure with the standard Power Suit. This wordlessly conveys that glowing doors lead to superheated rooms, and Samus must return later after acquiring the Varia Suit in Area 2.

Connecting rooms[]

In both games, the bottom left corner of the vertical chamber connects (via Charge Door in Samus Returns) to a purple liquid tunnel, and the upper right corner of the room connects to a straight tunnel. In Samus Returns, a Charge Door connects to Area 1's only superheated room.


Return of Samus[]

Samus Returns[]

Official data[]

Nintendo Power Volume 31[]

"Watch for creatures that crawl along the ledges of this vertical chamber as you make your way up. You can blast them from other ledges, then move on unharmed."



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