Noxus on an ice pillar on Vho.

Vho is the homeworld of the Vhozon race, including the Bounty Hunter Noxus. Vho is shown as a icy surface covered in many icy pillars, one of which Noxus is shown sitting on in his Vhoscythe form.

Status as a PlanetEdit

Vho is described as being a planet twice in the Nintendo Power issue of March 2006.

"Every bounty hunter has a native weapon - for example, the draconian Noxus hails from a planet constantly buried under layers of ice. As a result, Noxus's weapon is a supercooled energy beam." - Nintendo Power March 2006 [1]
"The Vhozon race's fanatical view of morality exceeds that of virtually all other civilized societies, and to enforce their sense of justice they have sent Noxus. To help survive the Vhozon's frozen home planet, Noxus can change into a rapidly spinning top to stay warm, as well as bowl over foes." - Nintendo Power March 2006 [2]

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