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Virginia Aran[1] (バージニア・アラン Bājinia Aran?) was the mother of Samus Aran, and the wife of Chief Rodney Aran.


In the cosmic year 2000, the Galactic Federation was founded, and the human colony on K-2L mined the afloraltite needed to establish a caravan between planets. Virginia Aran lived on K-2L with her husband Rodney Aran and their daughter Samus Aran. During this time, Virginia usually stayed in their home, but on at least one occasion visited her busy husband to bring him lunch.

Shortly after the Chozo visited K-2L, the colony was raided by Space Pirates. During the invasion, Virginia found her three-year-old daughter Samus about to be attacked by Ridley. The diversion she created bought Samus just enough time to run away. Virginia herself was killed by Ridley's plasma breath.

Later, during Samus's mission to rescue the Chozo from Zebes, Ridley angrily insulted Samus by telling her that he had to eat the corpses of the dead colonists to survive while stranded on K-2L since Rodney destroyed his vessel, and taunts her by stating that he believes that Virginia was among those he ate. During Samus's PTSD episode, she briefly hallucinated Ridley crushing Virginia and Rodney's heads in his hands.


Virginia Aran's first canonical appearance is in one of the Child Mode endings of Metroid Fusion, wherein she is seen shielding a frightened Samus during the Space Pirates' attack. While this is not available internationally in Metroid Fusion, all versions of Metroid: Zero Mission include a Metroid Fusion Gallery featuring this artwork.

Virginia Aran makes her most notable appearance in the Metroid manga published in Monthly Magazine Z. Volume 1 depicts Virginia's life and death on K-2L, while Volume 2 shows Samus struggling with PTSD after her parents' death.

Other appearances[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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An unnamed woman, implied to be Samus's mother, was first seen in a flashback in Nintendo Power's Super Metroid comic, which told Samus' backstory for the first time. In this version, Samus's parents were both killed when Zebesian Pirate Ships fired upon their shelter.

Virginia Aran appears briefly in Samus & Joey: Volume 2 chapter 8. Samus remembers Virginia, Rodney, and Old Bird as she tells Joey Apronika about her own fears, declaring that she fights even when she is afraid so that she will not lose anyone else important to her.

Virginia is occasionally mentioned (albeit not by name) in the Super Smash Bros. series. Ridley's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mystery Creature's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U identify Ridley as the one who murdered Samus's parents. In the Galactic Avenger Event Match in Wii U, Samus must defeat Ridley and "Dark Samus" in order to avenge her parents, according to the description written from Samus's perspective.

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Personality and portrayal[]

Virginia Aran is shown to be caring and compassionate. She is concerned with the health of her busy working husband, and reminds him that his family needs him as well. Her own death narrowly saved the life of her daughter.

Virginia is typically depicted with the same hair color as her daughter Samus. In the Super Metroid comic, Samus's mother has violet hair. Metroid Fusion and the Metroid e-Manga both show Virginia with blonde hair.


  • Nintendo Power volume 84 features an excerpt of Samus Aran's backstory, as written by the Nintendo Power Source writer who created the frame story for Blood of the Chozo. In this excerpt, a character named "Captain Thea Aran" is implied to be Samus's mother. However, the article implies that this backstory was never used in Blood of the Chozo, and it should not be regarded as part of the official series canon.



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