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This article is about the area on Bion. For a list of volcanic areas in other games, see Category:Fire areas.

The volcanic area, or volcanic fields are an area of Bion that is prone to volcanic activity. While most of the planet's areas are desert in nature, this area serves as the setting of M14: Tremor in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is filled with decayed ruins of the ancient Bion race, and no reported signs of life. Following M13: Phantom on Talvania, the Galactic Federation detects an unprecedented "seismic disturbance" in the volcanic area and sends the Federation Force to investigate.

Despite what General Alex Miles said in the mission briefing about no life forms being detected, Fire Hoppers are quickly encountered, along with an Omega. They soon come across the source of the disturbance: Cyranon, an artificial life-form believed to have been created by the ancient Bion race. The Federation Force destroys it after a long battle. Cyranon is foreshadowed by a dedicated terminal with a Bion Log regarding the "Guardian", which can be accessed in the corridors before the boss.

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