The Volt Driver is the Bounty Hunter Kanden's weapon of choice, featured in Metroid Prime Hunters.


The Volt Driver is also an additional weapon system for the Arm Cannon. It fires quick-moving electrical blasts with a fast rate of fire and spray capability. When fully charged, the weapon fires a large, slow-moving explosive sphere of energy that causes massive damage to a target.

When used by the Bounty Hunter Kanden, the Volt Driver's charge blast homes in on a target and temporarily disrupts the visor of whomever it hits. The Volt Driver is strong against Weavel and other enemies that use the Battlehammer or similar attacks, as well as Gorea when it turns yellow. When used in story mode, it colors the markings on Samus' Arm Cannon yellow. The Volt Driver was created along with Kanden and his Stinglarva in the Enoema Living Weapons project.

Logbook entryEdit

Volt Driver

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

The VOLT DRIVER draws energy from the planetary electromagnetic field and converts it into multi-terawatt bursts of HIGHVOLTAGE.

Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Kanden wasn't the only creation of the Enoema Living Weapons project. Like the bounty hunter who wields it, the Volt Driver is a living weapon that incorporates DNA from several different creatures that specialize in surviving hostile environments. Its hard exoskeleton protects a gelatinous body that is capable of transforming energy from a planet's magnetic field into waves of high-voltage electricity. The Volt Driver can then discharge that energy as high-velocity energy blasts."

Behind the scenesEdit

Like the Metroid Prime version of the Wave Beam, the Volt Driver appears to fire some form of artificial ball lightning, a self-sustaining globe of electrical energy that is occasionally reported to "follow" living creatures and very rarely detonates with explosive force when touched. Although reliable eye-witness accounts confirm ball lightning's existence and similar phenomena have been produced using a wide variety of technological methods, its exact nature and cause remain unknown.


  • Certain objects will show "HIGH VOLTAGE" in the description when scanned, which always refer to the Volt Driver.
  • The Volt Driver has the second-fastest rate of fire of any weapon in Metroid Prime Hunters, the first being the Power Beam.
  • Since the Volt Driver draws energy from a planet's electromagnetic field, it may be possible that it could increase or decrease in power depending on the planet its user is on.
  • Apart from the Imperialist, which is a hitscan (instant-hit) weapon, the Volt Driver rounds travel the fastest compared to the other weapons in Metroid Prime Hunters.
  • If a charged Volt Driver shot is hit by another weapon, then both projectiles will disappear. However, the Shock Coil cannot trigger this effect, as it will not lock onto the projectiles.
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