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This article is about the theme from Other M. For other games, see Vs. Queen Metroid (Disambiguation).
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"Vs. Queen Metroid" is an unnamed theme from Metroid: Other M. It was composed by Kuniaki Haishima and orchestrated by Sachiko Miyano.


This theme is played during the climatic battle against the Queen Metroid in Room MW. In the postgame, the theme plays again during the rematch with Phantoon on the Control Bridge. Therefore, it serves as the final boss theme (except in Hard Mode, in which the postgame is inaccessible, leaving MB as the final boss).

This theme is slow and heavy, evoking the size and scale of these bosses, with most of its energy stemming from its frantic percussion rhythm. The melody is largely performed by tense strings playing dissonant in a high register, while the harmony is largely performed by aggressive low brass. The melody is somewhat reminiscent of Planet Zebes - Arrival on Crateria, but is not apparently based upon either previous boss themes for the Queen Metroid or Phantoon.

The theme can be heard here: [1]