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The "walking Chozo chamber" is a room in the Wrecked Ship. It appears in Super Metroid.


The chamber is the largest room on the Wrecked Ship, but it can only be entered from the outside. The initial room is a horizontal corridor with a spike-lined floor. The ceiling is lined with Grapple Points, some of which crumble, and can be used to get over the spikes. When Samus enters the room, the door locks behind her and the Silence theme plays. She must grapple over the spikes to the other end of the room, where a Chozo Statue stands with its hand outstretched. By morphing in its hand, Samus will activate the statue. This causes it to begin walking through the spikes, destroying most of them.

Eventually, the statue walks down a hidden staircase and stops in front of a door, dropping Samus down onto a pair of Pit Blocks. She can proceed into the next room to acquire the Gravity Suit, and return to this room to obtain two more expansions. There is a back area of this room, which can be reached by laying a Bomb under the floor in front of the Chozo. This leads into a passage under the floor that goes behind the wall. If Samus lays a Power Bomb, she will clear the wall and find a pair of Work Robots in front of two pits with spikes. She must push them into the pits, after which she can collect a Missile Tank from a seated Chozo.

Samus can then lay another Power Bomb to obliterate the Chozo Statue and wall behind it, exposing a conveyor in the floor. She must run across the conveyor and Work Robots - which in the spike pits form a solid floor - and Shinespark upwards. She will land next to a Pit Block, which drops her into a chamber with a Reserve Tank encased in an Item Sphere. Samus must jump over the center of the floor here, as it is a Pit Block trap that will drop her back to the conveyor below. A dead-end passage is above her, with an alternate exit into and out of the flooded cavern

Should Samus revisit the room for whatever reason, the door will lock again and the spikes will respawn, forcing Samus to use the statue again to get to the lower exit.

Connecting rooms[]



Reserve Tank

Missile Tank
See above.
Reserve Tank
See above.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"You can enter the Wrecked Ship through this door, but doing so really won't be of any benefit except for allowing you to see an Item."
"When you enter the ship through the middle door in Area E, use the Grappling Beam to work your way over to the right. The Chozo Statue will take you down to another door. All that you have to do to obtain the Gravity Suit is open the door and step in."
"It's a good thing that all Items aren't this difficult or complicated to obtain. If they were, this Player's Guide might be 500 pages long! Once you reach point C, you should take some time to view the room with the X-Ray Scope. Doing so will save you time. You can't see it without the Scope, but there is a gap just in front of the Reserve Tank. You'll fall down through it if you don't jump over it."
"Interacting with this particular Chozo Statue will help you complete your quest. When you reach it, jump onto its hand and activate the Morphing Ball. The statue will come alive and will carry you through the spikes. It will stop in front of the door that leads to the Gravity Suit."
E. GETTING TO "C" (pg. 89)
"In the lower level, shoot the robots into the gaps, then blow away the Chozo Statue and wall with a Power Bomb. Once you have room to run, you can activate the Speed Booster and make a Super Jump at the far right. When you reach the top, carefully jump over the hidden gap and shoot the Item container to reveal the Reserve Tank."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

TAKE MY HAND (pg. 65)
"At the end of the long spike pit stands a Chozo, arm outstretched but nothing therein. Fear not, it's not a hoax. Jump onto its hand and morph into a ball then wait. If nothing happens, make sure you're dead central. After a few seconds the statue will stand up and carry you past the spikes and down to a hidden chamber."
"Bomb the sloping wall to reveal a hidden tunnel."