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Wall Cannons[1] are a set of three active mechanisms seen during the battle with Draygon in Super Metroid. As their name implies, they are cannons mounted on the walls of Draygon's chamber. They are submerged underwater and cannot be found anywhere else on Zebes. These cannons shoot out spheres of electrical energy (like many of the turrets in the Metroid Prime series) in the direction of Samus Aran at a regular pace.

If left active, these mechanisms will greatly increase the overall difficulty of the battle against Draygon. Luckily, Samus has more than enough time to destroy the three cannons with Missiles or Super Missiles when she enters the room, as the boss does not make its appearance until after the slow-moving green Evirs (seemingly its offspring) leave the room. When destroyed, most of the cannon's structure is blown away, leaving only its base short-circuiting. Ironically, their destruction can be used to greatly decrease the length and difficulty of the boss battle. If Samus is covered in Draygon's immobilizing spit and subsequently grabbed by the creature, she can equip her Grappling Beam and, if close enough, grapple herself to the short-circuiting cannons, causing the electricity to move through the Beam and into both herself and Draygon. While this indeed harms Samus, it causes far more damage to the Pirate, literally frying it and ending the battle prematurely.

These cannons respawn when Samus exits and re-enters the room, although they never resume firing.


  • Curiously, when Samus enters the room, there are three functioning Wall Cannons and a single one already destroyed.
    • There is another seemingly destroyed mechanism on the top left corner of the room, which bears similarities to the other Wall Cannons.
  • The secret method used to quickly kill Draygon may have inspired the strategy used against the Grapple Guardian in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


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