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The War Golem[1] is a Mogenar-class War Golem present in the Hidden Court room of Bryyo Cliffside. It is part of the Court's puzzle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

This Golem is restrained by hardy Skkale vines, and must be released so Samus can use it to unblock the path to the Hangar Bay where she will gain the Ship Missile Launcher. To move the War Golem into position, Samus must use a Bomb Slot directly in front of it. The action causes the Golem to rip a panel off the wall, exposing the ignition point of a Skkale vine wrapped around its right foot. Samus will need to destroy the Skkale vines by igniting the Fuel Gel at their sources so that they burn up.

Skkale vines trap the Golem by restraining its feet and hands. The left foot's vine connects to a tunnel Samus can navigate with her Morph Ball. Before entering, she must use an Ice Missile to freeze over a spout of pouring Fuel Gel and quickly cross over it inside the tunnel, where she can use a Bomb to ignite the vine holding the Golem's foot. The right hand is tied to a vine behind a wall of Brinstone to the left of the Hidden Court's entrance. Finally, the left hand's vine crosses over a small spout of Fuel Gel located near a GF Fuel Gel pumping crane. Igniting the spout will cause the vine to become engulfed in flames and burn up.

Once the Golem has been freed, Samus must activate the Bomb Slot once again. The Golem will pick up the gear-shaped object containing the Bomb Slot and insert it into a high wall directly behind it, revealing a half-pipe. After this, the Golem moves to the side of the room and goes permanently offline.


Ben Sprout wireframe render of the War Golem.

War Golem
"War Golem is restrained and unable to move. It looks like it is trying to reach for the control unit."
War Golem (2)
"Mogenar-class War Golem is released and ready for operation. Control unit on standby."
War Golem (3)
"Mogenar-class War Golem has unlocked shrine access. Unit is permanently offline."


  1. ^ Repeatedly referred to as such in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Premiere Edition