War Wasp queen

The War Wasp queen is the insect responsible for breeding the War Wasp species. No such queen is ever seen in the Metroid Prime series and its existence is only mentioned in a Logbook entry featured in Metroid Prime Hunters.

War Wasp queens can be assumed to hide within every War Wasp Hive. Due to the fact that they are never seen exiting their nests regardless of the amount of War Wasps killed by Samus, queens either have no capacity for combat or choose to rely on their children for defense. If Samus destroys a hive, its respective queen(s) undoubtedly perishes with it.

According to its only mention in Metroid Prime Hunters, a War Wasp queen produces a substance called "royal jelly". While its purpose is unknown, it is of significant importance to the point that off-world civilizations visit Aether (one of several planets that harbors the species) in order to harvest hives despite the casualties suffered from the side of the visitors.

Logbook entryEdit

War Wasp

Logbook entry

An aggressive flying insect that will vigorously defend its territory. The royal jelly of the War Wasp queen is so highly valued that hives continue to be harvested on Aether in spite of a shocking death toll.


  • The Logbook entry mentioning the royal jelly does not specify what exactly kills off-world individuals on Aether. War Wasps on Aether are known to be capable of shearing through metal, therefore the deaths are likely caused by the creatures killing them in defense of their hives. An alternate possibility is that the very act of searching the planet for hives exposes the visitors to attacks from other native life forms.
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