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Warp Hounds are creatures found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They are commonly used by the Reptilicus as guard dogs and hunting partners, a practice which possibly predates the Reptilicus' regression into savagery.

Large, bulky creatures, Warp Hounds have thick brown plating on their backs, and lumber forward on powerful front legs and smaller hind ones. Their bodies are lined with spikes, and they have twin tusks and a horn on its snout. Their eyes are small and beady, and their sharp-toothed jaws are capable of expelling thermal energy at enemies. They derive this energy from the Fuel Gel they consume, but this biological dependency on heat makes them vulnerable to cold-based weaponry like Ice Missiles.

Warp Hounds are dangerous foes, thanks to their rapid "warping" ability, in which they are able to teleport from point to point. This feature allows them to ambush enemies in large numbers and bring them down speedily.

. Once Samus acquires the Seeker Missile she can take them out faster, as sufficiently damaged Warp Hounds can be shattered once they are frozen. However, their ability to teleport means that they can escape the Ice Missile's freezing effect by warping before the ice released by the Missile can compact around them, or simply teleporting away before the Missile hits them. However, if they escape the ice but not the missile itself, then they will still take damage from the missile explosion. They will often teleport to evade slow-moving attacks, such as missiles and Charge Shots.

Teleporting also makes it hard to focus on one in particular when they hunt in packs, since they can teleport away if Samus's attacks are beginning to damage them too much, landing at an unpredictable place, making them hard to track and evade once they teleport. Their belly area can also be damaged by Bombs. Warp Hounds also have the ability to create large shockwaves of disrupting energy, which they use if an enemy wanders too close. They can be difficult enemies to engage, as they make a habit of teleporting regularly in battle. They can also regurgitate Fuel Gel onto enemies, hindering the foe's movement considerably.


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Warp Hound

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Warp Hound
Teleports over short distances. Vulnerable to cold-based attacks.

Logbook entry

Warp Hounds are susceptible to low-temperature attacks, due to the nature of their thermal-energy-driven biosystem. They are often used by Reptilicus as guards and hunt beasts. They consume Fuel Gel to survive, and can expel blasts of converted thermal energy to attack and defend. The creatures can teleport over short distances, disrupting many forms of electronic targeting in the process.


  • Employees at Retro Studios referred to these creatures as "blink wolves".
  • The battle theme of the Warp Hounds, Boss Reptilian, is shared with several other creatures in the game.

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